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Generates .ensime config files for SBT projects
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This sbt plugin generates a .ensime file and provides various convenience commands for interacting with ENSIME.


Add these lines to ~/.sbt/0.13/plugins/plugins.sbt as opposed to project/plugins.sbt (the decision to use ENSIME is per-user, rather than per-project):

addSbtPlugin("org.ensime" % "ensime-sbt" % "0.2.1")

Check that again, if you incorrectly used ~/.sbt/0.13/plugins.sbt you'll get an sbt resolution error, it really has to be in the plugins folder.

Alternatively, copy the EnsimePlugin.scala into your project directory (if you're in a corporate environment that doesn't have access to maven central) and make sure you have scalariform-sbt installed (you can also install it by copying the file).

You are also recommended to add the following to your ~/.sbt/0.13/global.sbt (see debugging section below):

cancelable in Global := true

Please note your projects' project/ need to use a version newer that 0.13.5 of sbt due to a breaking AutoPlugin change.



  • gen-ensime --- Generate a .ensime for the project.
  • gen-ensime-meta --- Generate a project/.ensime for the meta-project.
  • debugging --- Add debugging flags to all forked JVM processes.
  • debugging-off --- Remove debugging flags from all forked JVM processes.

Note that downloading and resolving the sources and javadocs can take some time on first use.

(Copied from EnsimePlugin.scala)

Debugging Example

If you do not fork your main methods and tests from sbt you may be able to attach a remote debugger to the entire session by starting like sbt -jvm-debug 1337 (check the docs of your sbt script, we strongly recommend using paulp's sbt-extras). However, the vast majority of projects enabled forking and that is when ensime-sbt's debugging is useful.

This sample session shows how easy it is to remotely debug a forked test:

crossbuild ~/Projects/ensime-server sbt
> debugging
[warn] Enabling debugging for all forked processes
[info] Only one JVM can use the port and it will await a connection before proceeding.
> jerk/test-only *JerkFormatsSpec
Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 5005

at which point, the test will hang until you connect a remote debugger to port 5005. When you are finished debugging, cancel the test or let it run to completion, and then type debugging-off.

Note: If you'd like to debug using ensime-emacs, first set your breakpoints, then use ensime-db-attach to connect.

Also note: By sbt's defaults, C-c will not cancel a running subprocess. As this is counter-intuitive, this plugin enables C-c by setting cancelable in Global := true so that you don't have to. Emacs users should recall that in order to send a control sequence to the sbt-mode subprocess, first run sbt-clear (bound to C-c C-v by default) then C-c. i.e. C-c C-v C-c C-c (yes, you probably want to bind this to something easier).


Customising EnsimeKeys is done via the usual sbt mechanism, e.g. insert the following into ~/.sbt/0.13/ensime.sbt

import org.ensime.Imports.EnsimeKeys

EnsimeKeys.debuggingPort := 1337
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