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ENhanced Scala Interaction Mode for text Editors (especially Emacs) Server Component
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ENhanced Scala Interaction Mode for text Editors, especially GNU Emacs.

ENSIME brings IDE-like features to your favourite text editor, such as:

  • Show the type of the symbol under the cursor.
  • Contextual completion for vars, vals and defs.
  • Add an import for the symbol under the cursor.
  • Fast classpath search (types and members).
  • Jump to source code or documentation.
  • Browse packages and type hierarchies.
  • Find all references to a symbol.
  • Refactorings (rename, organize imports, extract method).
  • REPL with stack trace highlighting.
  • Errors and warnings in your code: red squigglies.
  • Debugging

and many more.


This project is actively community maintained, and we are very pleased to see contributions from new members. Please see the Contributing file for information on how to help out.

Quick Start

See our Quick Start Guide to learn how to install and start ENSIME.

ENSIME is released on a continuous "rolling release" basis every time a pull request is merged. This dramatically speeds up the development cycle and you are advised to always update your ENSIME before reporting any issues.

If you are still experiencing a problem with the latest version of ENSIME, before reporting an issue please:

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