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\enso is a programming environment based on interpretation of
domain-specific languages (DSLs). The abstract syntax of a DSL is
represented as an object-oriented information model. We present a
detailed description of \enso grammars, which are used to serialize
and deserialize such models to and from textual representation.
+ \enso is a programming system based on definition, interpretation, and composition of
+ domain-specific languages (DSLs). In \enso, the problem of parsing and pretty-printing
+ is viewed as a potentially complex mapping between abstract models and textual presentations.
+ \enso grammars enable both parsing and printing by specifying both the abstract model
+ structure and the textual presentation declaratively. The system supports automatic
+ resolution of names to handle cases where the abstract model is a graph, but the
+ text presentation uses names to connect concepts. Predicates on the abstract model
+ can be used to provide additional control over the mapping. The \enso parser handles arbitrary
+ context-free grammars, which facilitates composition of grammars.
+ Finally, we show how grammars can be checked statically for consistency with the
+ corresponding abstract model structure.
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