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* [Stewarding](guides/
* [Working Groups](working-groups/
* [Ambassadors](working-groups/
* [Brand Working Group](working-groups/
* [Catalysts](working-groups/
* [Financial Working Group](working-groups/
* [Well Working Group](working-groups/

* [Enspiral Foundation Ltd](
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Brand Working Group

### Why we exist.

We are a small group of members and contributors that hold the processes and agreements for usage of the Enspiral brand.

* Our work is to hold understanding and opinion around the context, the potential and risk associated with formally using the Enspiral brand.
* Our work is to help the network build shared understanding and agreements about how we use (and don't use) the Enspiral brand.

We hold the [Brand Agreement](./, which allows anyone to use the Enspiral brand alongside their project.

**When the BWG is successful....**

Everyone in the network is clear on the brand agreements and feels confident making the most of the brand.

The Enspiral brand is helping increase the positive impact of the network and everyone in it.

The brand governance structures reflect our community of high trust and strategic, impactful intent.

### Humans

Our goal is to have a group of 6-8 mixed members and contributors who have some professional background or interest in marketing / branding.

* Kate Beecroft
* Ants Cabraal
* Gina Rembe

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niwolive Jul 13, 2017


Just double-checking: is this list up-to-date? If anyone can mention new people, or people who left this group, feel free to update the doc, or just let me know and I'll do it.

@rdbartlett @KateBee1 @[Can't tag: Ants, Gina]
CC: @enspiral/handbook

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rdbartlett Jul 13, 2017

Author Contributor

since many Enspiral folks are not on Github much or at all, maybe it would be more effective to drop into the #wg-brand channel on Slack and ask there?

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niwolive Jul 21, 2017


Done, thanks, I'm adding Olga and Sam on Ant's advice

*more BWG members to be announced shortly*

**Connect with us**

If you have questions, issues or ideas around the brand usage please reach out and find us at #wg-brand in Slack, or connect with any of us as individuals.

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