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Finitio - A Data Language

Finitio is a data language. For now, it is limited to a data definition language (DDL). Think "JSON/XML schema", but a slightly different way, that puts the emphasis on precision. Finitio comes with a dedicated type system for defining data and a theory, called information contracts, for interoperability with programming and data exchange languages.



  • Finitio-rb - Finitio in Ruby (validation & coercing, 0.x.y release)
  • Finitio-js - Finitio in Javascript (validation & coercing, about to release)


Please join the google group for questions and discussions about Finitio.

We also welcome pull-requests with cucumber features demonstrating use cases and suggesting new features! Especially welcome if an implementation already exists in some binding such as Finitio-rb or Finitio-js.


© 2014 — The University of Louvain

The specification and documentation of Finitio is distributed under a under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License