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Entando Inc

Open source Application Composition Platform for Kubernetes.


  1. app-builder Public

    This is the repository of the Entando App Builder where Devs and Business IT use low-code composition features to create Apps from components.

    JavaScript 59 11

  2. The entando-blueprint is the repository of the Entando Component Generator and is Entando's implementation of JHipster that allows users to quickly and efficiently generate the skeleton of an Entan…

    EJS 21 5

  3. entando-cms Public

    The Entando Web Content Management System (WCMS) is a lightweight content and digital asset management system with support for headless operation. It allows management of widgets and html fragments…

    JavaScript 20

  4. The entando-engine is the repository of the Entando App Engine and is the heart of the Entando 6 Platform by providing the primary out-of-the-box services for developing applications.

    Java 14 2

  5. The entando-releases is the coordination repository for the official ENTANDO RELEASES

    Shell 8 2

  6. entando-cli Public

    The Entando Command Line Interface

    Shell 10


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