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Entando Inc

Open source micro frontend platform for Kubernetes.

Pinned repositories

  1. The entando-core is the repository of the Entando App Engine and is the heart of the Entando Platform by providing the primary out-of-the-box services for developing applications.

    Java 79 32

  2. The app-builder is the repository of the Entando App Builder and is the feature-rich management interface used to design and build pages for Entando applications

    JavaScript 36 6

  3. The entando-blueprint is the repository of the Entando Component Generator and is Entando's implementation of JHipster that allows users to quickly and efficiently generate the skeleton of an Entan…

    HTML 10

  4. Repository for the plugin that is part of the Entando Business Automation Bundle

    JavaScript 8

  5. The entando-docs is the repository of the source for building the Entando documentation.

    HTML 10 6

  6. The entando-cms is the repository of the Entando Web Content Management System (WCMS) and is a lightweight content and digital asset management system with support for headless operation.

    JavaScript 11


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