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ffleandro and joewhite101 EN6-77 CMS: Create Digital Assets API Endpoints (#524)
* EN6-77 Creating the endpoint for upload and listing image resources;

* EN6-77 Processing ImageResource group, categories and metadata;

* EN6-77 Created endpoints for editing and deleting an image resource;

* EN6-77 Added filters support

* EN6-77 Implemented endpoints for handling file type resources

* EN6-77 Implemented mimeType validation from SystemParams properties

* EN6-77 Implemented integration tests for the Digital Assets Endpoints

* EN6-77 Correcting bug on ResourceManager when updating resource

* EN6-77 Improving Resources endpoints test coverage

* EN6-77 Correcting bug when listing resources not being paginated

* EN6-77 Updating legacy tests due to change on tests seed data

* EN6-77  Changing to entando standards the way to extract created id

* EN6-77 Fixing tests

* EN6-77 Improving error handling and code practices
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entando-components is one of the mainstays of the Entando Platform. It provides all functionality of specific software elements, called Entando components or Entando extensions, useful to extend the standard Entando platform features and/or use them to improve custom applications.

Entando is the lightest, open source Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for Modern Applications. Entando harmonizes customer experience across the omnichannel (UX convergence) applying the techniques of modern software practices to enterprise applications (modern applications). Entando can be used to modernize UI/UX layers on top of existing applications or to build new generation applications aligned to UI/UX best practices, across different industries and use cases.

The Entando components are:

  • Bundles extend functionality of portal-ui component and/or views’ functionality of the other Entando components.

  • Plugins extend functionality of engine, and admin-console components.

The Entando components project, based on Apache Maven, is organized in two modules including all Entando extensions ready to use just now:

  1. plugins module, including all Plugins. The following is a list of plugins released with entando-core version 5.2.0-SNAPSHOT:

    • Action Logger
    • Avatar
    • Blog
    • CAS Client
    • Calendar
    • Cms Tag Cloud
    • Collaboration
    • Content Feedback
    • Content Scheduler
    • Content Versioning
    • Content Workflow
    • Email Sender
    • Faceted Navigation
    • Georeferenced Content
    • LDAP Connector
    • Newsletter
    • RSS
    • RSS Aggregator
    • Survey
    • Token API
    • User Registration
    • Web Dynamic Form
    • Widget Utils
  2. ui-bundles module, including all Bundles. The following is a list of main bundles released with entando-core version 5.2.0-SNAPSHOT:

    • Content type - Generic Content
    • Content type - News
    • Content type - Download card
    • Content type - Generic government Resolution
    • Content type - Generic government Announcement
    • Content type - Blog Post Content
    • Page model - Twitter Bootstrap Hero unit (full width layout)
    • Page model - Classic 2 columns layout
    • Plugin default view - Avatar
    • Plugin default view - Blog
    • Plugin default view - Calendar
    • Plugin default view - Cms Tag Cloud
    • Plugin default view - Faceted Navigation
    • Plugin default view - Newsletter
    • Plugin default view - RSS
    • Plugin default view - Survey-Questionnaire
    • Plugin default view - Tag Cloud
    • Plugin default view - Token API
    • Plugin default view - User Registration
    • Plugin default view - Web dynamic form
    • Widget type - Choose a Language
    • Widget type - Classic breadcrumbs ("You are here") bar
    • Widget type - Classic vertical navigation menu
    • Widget type - Horizontal navigation menu
    • Widget type - Login form
    • Widget type - Search form
    • Widget type - Social media shortcuts buttons

To create a new Entando component, for example a new Plugin, you have to use the Entando archetype for plugin:

Entando core and Entando archetypes are Open Source projects; more information about them can be found respectively in and

For latest updated news, please visit the company websites:

Entando Components are released under licenses as marked in the individual plugin projects.


The Entando Team

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