Minimalist performance-oriented configs for Linux, OS X, Windows, and various apps
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Minimalist performance-oriented configs for Linux, OS X, Windows, and various apps

This repository holds (what I hope are) useful config files that you can bring into your own dev cycle in whole or part. I'd appreciate credit, but it's not necessary. I'm just sharing time-saving tricks and shortcuts from different systems I work on.

These are stripped down versions of my personal configs that are missing personal login info and more complex commands I haven't had time to document or provide the dependency list for.

They are commented and provide wrappers and augmented functionality to a raw OS; they are not intended to perform complex tasks.

Currently, only the Linux configs are committed in a usable state. I intend to continue updating this repo as I develop on each OS, so these files will be staying current for some time.


Quickest setup:

  • Save the .bash_aliases file into your home directory.
  • Open a terminal anywhere and type: setup

On a clean LUbuntu 16.04.x system, they should be drag-and-drop to install in your home directory with minor exception.

Specifically, you must move the files in .bak/* into their correspondingly named subdirs of your root installation. An example is the ask-trash-empty script, which goes in /usr/local/bin, and therefore you will find it in .bak/usr/local/bin here. This particular script adds an "Empty Trash" context item to the trash icon on your desktop.

Read through the .bash_aliases source for a good example of what is offered to you. Note that some common dependencies may currently be absent from the alias deps defined therein, but you can use the provided pkg command to locate the source of any missing packages.