A thrown-together Fibonacci number lab created for my little cousin.
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Fibonacci Lab

This very simple self-contained Java app is:

  • primarily meant to demonstrate the relationship between the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio
  • a thrown-together project for my little cousin that I hope somebody else will benefit from
  • intentionally not up to the same standards as my other projects, as it was coded in a couple of hours

Fibonacci Lab

Instructions to Build Source

  1. Download and install a Java Development Kit (JDK; free) 1.8+ on your machine if you don't have one.

    • OS X / *nix: ensure JAVA_HOME is defined and points to the install directory for your JDK. Usually done by the installer automatically, but you'll need to restart any terminals you have open and may need to logout/login if you have an issue.
  2. Download and unzip this project somewhere. If you're a minimalist, you only need to right-click and save Fibonacci.java somewhere convenient.

  3. Run the app:

    • Easy way:
      • Execute the provided run-applet script for your OS.
        • Windows: double-click run-applet.bat

        • OS X / *nix: Open a terminal in the project folder, and copy the following line, paste into your terminal with Cmd (OS X) or Ctrl (*nix) + Shift + V, and hit enter:

            chmod +x run-applet.sh; ./run-applet.sh
  • Hard way:
    • Manually build the sources with javac and run as you want.
    • If you don't want/have appletviewer on your system (you probably do in $JAVA_HOME/bin), you'll need to change the applet Boolean setting in Fibonacci.java source file and run with as a traditional console app with java executable. See the provided script for an example.