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=== EntermMediaDB MediaDB Enhanced Media Library ===
Setup: Upload the plugin and setup the Access Key, MediaDB and CDN Prefix.
Contributors: entermedia-community
Author: http://entermediadb.org
Tags: media library, entermedia, entermediadb, dam, taxonomy, taxonomies, mime, mime type, attachment, media category, media categories, media tag, media tags, media taxonomy, media taxonomies, media filter, media organizer, file types, media types, media uploader, custom, media management, attachment management, files management, categories, category, filter,  image, images, media, upload
Requires at least: 3.5
Tested up to: 4.0.1
Stable tag:
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html
Attributions: Plugin was built using the Enhanced Media Library plugin by webbistro

WordPress integration for EnterMediaDB


== How to Use with EnterMedia ==

The EntermMediaDB Enhanced Media Library plugin provides many ways to categorize and deploy your media once it is already in WordPress, but what does the EnterMedia extension add?  Through the use of EnterMedia's publishing feature, assets from an EnterMedia DAM can be published directly to a WordPress site and some metadata (currently just libraries and keywords) can be sent along and automatically attached to the files as WordPress metadata.  This process can be completed as follows:

0.  Before you can get started, ensure that your EnterMedia DAM is operational and that this plugin has been imported to WordPress.

1.  To install the plugin, either unzip full contents to 'wp-content/plugins' or import the zip file using the WordPress UI. Once this is complete, navigate the the Plugins menu in WordPress and activate the EnterMedia MediaDB Enhanced Media Library plugin.

2.  In Wordpress go to Settings, EntermediaDb. 
	- Access Key: is a random token generated by the plugin that will be used by EnterMedia. 
	- MediaDB Application ID: is the catalog mediadbid variable setup in your EnterMedia server. You can get it at Settings, Data Manager, catalogsettings table and mediadbappid. 
	- CDN Prefix: You can use the same CDN prefix configuration you use in your EnterMedia server, in other case you have to use the domain name to your EnterMedia installation.
3.  In EnterMedia go to Settings, Preferences, Publishing and edit Wordpres CMS record.
	- Path/URL: Use the url to the upload.php file in your Wordpress installation: http://My_Domain.com/wp-content/plugins/entermediadb/upload_util/upload.php
    - Access Key: Use the access key generated in the plugin area in the Wordpress installation (Steep 2).	

4. Now, publish assets through emshare UI or create an Export Order using the JSON API. This will add the assets to WordPress Media Library, including library metadata as a custom taxonomy. WordPress does further conversions on your images, so send the original format for best results.