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This library is no longer maintained. I know a lot of people are using it because the latest version of the more mainstream library does not support the Arudino Due, so this repository shall remain, with the condition that it is unsupported. I will accept pull requests if someone wants to fix something.

This is a copy of the excellent IRremote library for the Arduino modified to work on the Arduino Due while retaining backwards compatibility.

I added send and receive support for a SAMSUNG protocol that Ribeiro Santos provided a send function for in the comments on Ken Sherriff’s website since it works for one of my remotes. The receive function is from

I added send and receive support for a protocol I’m calling SAMSUNG2 since I learned it from a Samsung remote.

I added a code size and performance optimization that removes the need to calculate a floating point number for TICKS_LOW and TICKS_HIGH.

I added support for the ATTiny85 and Arduino Due.

To download from github (, click on the "Downloads" link in the upper right, click "Download as zip", and get a zip file.  Unzip it and rename the directory enternoescape-Arduino-IRremote-Due-nnn to IRremote

To install, move the downloaded IRremote directory to:
where arduino-1.x is your Arduino installation directory

After installation you should have files such as:

For details on the library see the Wiki on github or the blog post

Copyright 2009-2012 Ken Shirriff


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