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GitHub Advanced Security

Enterprise AppSec with GitHub Advanced Security

GitHub Advanced Security empowers developers to easily fix security issues in real time, while giving security teams visibility and baked-in controls—so you can get secure software out the door, fast.

GitHub provides end-to-end DevSecOps, where security is embedded directly into the developer workflow–empowering you to ship software quickly without compromising security.

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Secret scanning

Detect and prevent secret leaks across over 200 token types.

Code scanning

Find and fix security issues early in the development process with natively embedded testing in the developer workflow.

Supply Chain Security

Protect your software supply chain from dependency-based vulnerabilities throughout the software development lifecycle.

Fixes in minutes, not months.

With AI-powered static analysis, secret scanning, and software composition analysis, GitHub Advanced Security helps developers and security teams work together to accelerate the delivery of more secure software.

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Secret scanning with push protection guards over 200 token types and patterns from more than 180 service providers.

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