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EnterpriseReady is content-centric open source project providing guidance for people who build SaaS products (founders, product managers and engineering team leads).

The goal of EnterpriseReady is to nurture the shift of today's enterprise software narrative from "how to SELL to the enterprise" to "how to BUILD for the enterprise".

The content, in the form of SaaS feature guides, is based on studies of 50 leading SaaS application product packages, in-depth CIO interviews, and feedback from countless SaaS founders.

Project Background

EnterpriseReady was started by Replicated, a company that helps enables SaaS applications to create an enterprise installable version of their product to be distributed behind the firewall. Our hope is for EnterpriseReady to create a common vernacular for founders, product managers, engineers, sales and customers alike based on our experiences with SaaS for the enterprise.

We know we're not always right... so we open sourced this, you can fork it, create edits, share it with your team and contribute back.


Want to help us improve EnterpriseReady? Here's how to get started:

Run EnterpriseReady locally

  1. Install Docker for OSX.
  2. Clone this repo into ~/enterpriseready (Important it's important to put this under your home directory somewhere when using Docker for OSX)
  3. Run docker-compose up

The docs site will be available at http://localhost:8888


A guide to creating or enhancing a SaaS product with common features that will enable more adoption by enterprise customers.




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