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Contributing to EnterpriseReady

Thanks for your interest in contributing to EnterpriseReady! We've put together the following guidelines to help you get started.

These contributing guidelines have been adapted from GitHub's Community Guides for Open Source Creators.

Table of Contents

Types of contributions we're looking for

There are many ways you can directly contribute to the Enterprise Ready SaaS Feature Guides. First, check out our open issues. Below is a non-exhaustive list of other ways you can contribute.

  • Fix editorial inconsistencies or inaccuracies
  • Add example implementation breakdowns of specific features.
  • Revise language to be more approachable and friendly
  • Translate content into other languages
  • Propose a new content section

Ground rules & expectations

Before we get started, here are a few things we expect from you (and that you should expect from others):

  • Be kind and thoughtful in your conversations around this project.
  • When adding content, please consider if is widely valuable and not directed solely towards self-promotion of you or your company.

How to contribute

If you'd like to contribute, start by searching through the issues and pull requests to see whether someone else has raised a similar idea or question.

If you don't see your idea listed, and you think it fits into the goals of Enterprise Ready, do one of the following:

  • If your contribution is minor, such as a typo fix, or self-contained, such as writing a translation, open a pull request.
  • If your contribution is major, such as a new guide, start by opening an issue first. That way, other people can weigh in on the discussion before you do any work.

Style guide

Content Principles

Scaling a SaaS product to the enterprise is hard. Good content can help solve problems.

EnterpriseReady aims to help SaaS companies solve problems around scaling to the enterprise before they start, through content containing best practices and lessons learned from like-industry companies past and present.

We are product people solving problems with content. For EnterpriseReady, content is our product and ultimately important.

Content Principles

All EnterpriseReady content aims to be:

  • Approachable: Don't assume reader has prior knowledge, spell out acronyms, establish understanding before deep diving.
  • Informative: No fluff. Information should be valuable and applicable to the given topic.
  • Supported by Curated Examples: Amplify best practices and lessons to learn (pros/cons) from existing SaaS products vs. opinions or individual point of views.

Referencing Industry Examples

EnterpriseReady uses real examples from the SaaS industry to illustrate best practices. When referencing another company's model for a given topic in a given guide, please follow these guidelines.

  • Include up to date company logo and link
  • Screenshots of products should be up to date
  • Limit over-promotion of your own product. If you have a relevant example to share, we encourage it, but note that EnterpriseReady is not meant to be a forum for promoting products. Rather, it is a forum for guiding on best practices in the industry.


EnterpriseReady should be capitalized as one word when referencing the guide & two words when referencing the product milestone of being truly enterprise ready.

Setting up your environment

  1. Install Docker for OSX.
  2. Clone this repo into ~/enterpriseready (Important it's important to put this under your home directory somewhere when using Docker for OSX)
  3. Run docker-compose up

The docs site will be available at http://localhost:8888

Contribution review process

This content in this repo is currently maintained by @grantmiller. He and others on the contributor team will likely review your contribution.