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import argparse
import datetime
import pywikibot
import re
import sys
import time
from clint.textui import prompt
BATTLE_TITLE = re.compile(r"^Battle of (.+)")
CATEGORY = re.compile(r"\[\[Category:(.+?)(?:\|(.+?))?\]\]")
SUMMARY = "[[Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/APersonBot 8|Bot]] {} for an article about a battle"
BATTLE_CATEGORY_KEYWORDS = ("battle", "conflict", "military history", "war", "offensive")
def print_log(what_to_print):
print(datetime.datetime.utcnow().strftime("[%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ] ") + what_to_print)
def get_parsed_args():
"""Parse and return args."""
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument("-i", "--interactive", action="store_true",
help="Confirm before each edit.")
parser.add_argument("-c", "--count", type=int,
help="Start counting edits at this number.")
parser.add_argument("-l", "--limit", type=int,
help="Stop making edits at this number.")
parser.add_argument("-p", "--page", type=str,
help="Process ONLY this page.")
return parser.parse_args()
def is_battle_category(category_name):
"""Determines whether a category is a battle category based on its name."""
category_name = category_name.lower()
return any(x in category_name for x in BATTLE_CATEGORY_KEYWORDS)
def is_actual_battle(page):
"""Checks if a page is in any battle categories."""
return any(is_battle_category(each_category.title()) for each_category in page.categories())
def add_defaultsort(wikitext, defaultsort):
"""Removes all cat keys and adds the provided defaultsort to the wikitext."""
description_of_changes = ""
# First, remove cat keys
if"\[\[Category:.+\|.+\]\]", wikitext):
description_of_changes = "removing existing category keys and "
wikitext = re.sub(r"\[\[Category:(.+)\|.+\]\]", r"[[Category:\1]]", wikitext)
# Then, add the defaultsort
description_of_changes += "adding a defaultsort"
category_start = wikitext.find("[[Category:")
wikitext = wikitext[:category_start] + "{{DEFAULTSORT:%s}}\n" % defaultsort + wikitext[category_start:]
return wikitext, description_of_changes
# From
def checkEqual(iterator):
iterator = iter(iterator)
first = next(iterator)
return all(first == rest for rest in iterator)
except StopIteration:
return True
def make_key(page_title):
"""Makes a battle cat key or a defaultsort key."""
rest_of_title =
rest_of_title = re.sub("^the ", "", rest_of_title)
if"^[\w\- ]+$", rest_of_title):
return rest_of_title
if"^[\w\- ]+\((?:\w+ )?\d+\)$", rest_of_title):
return rest_of_title.replace("(", "").replace(")", "")
print_log("WARNING: Can't process title: {}".format(page_title.encode("utf-8")))
return rest_of_title
def process(page_object):
"""Adds appropriate defaultsorts, based on cats."""
page_title = page_object.title(withNamespace=False)
wikitext = page_object.get()
global_key = make_key(page_title) # The thing that goes in a defaultsort or a cat key
description_of_changes = ""
if "DEFAULTSORT" in wikitext:
print_log("{} already has a defaultsort.".format(page_title.encode("utf-8")))
categories = [x.groups() for x in CATEGORY.finditer(wikitext)]
battle_categories = [x for x in categories if is_battle_category(x[0])]
if len(battle_categories) != len(categories):
# Some categories aren't battle categories, so a defaultsort won't work.
# So, we add a category key to every battle category.
categories_changed = 0
for cat_name, cat_key in battle_categories:
if not cat_key:
cat_name = unicode(cat_name)
wikitext = wikitext.replace(u"[[Category:{}]]".format(cat_name),
u"[[Category:{}|{}]]".format(cat_name, unicode(global_key)))
categories_changed += 1
description_of_changes = "updating {} categor{} with sort keys".format(categories_changed,
"y" if categories_changed == 1 else "ies")
# Add a defaultsort
wikitext, description_of_changes = add_defaultsort(wikitext, global_key)
# If every single category has a key, that's pretty much equal to having a defaultsort
categories = [x.groups() for x in CATEGORY.finditer(wikitext)]
if "DEFAULTSORT" not in wikitext and categories[0][1] and checkEqual(x[1] for x in categories):
wikitext, description_of_changes = add_defaultsort(wikitext, global_key)
page_object.text = wikitext
return description_of_changes
def main():
print_log("Starting battle-catsort at " + datetime.datetime.utcnow().isoformat())
site = pywikibot.Site("en", "wikipedia")
args = get_parsed_args()
if args.count:
num_edits = args.count
print_log("Starting off with %d edits made." % num_edits)
num_edits = 0
for each_page in [pywikibot.Page(site,] if else site.allpages("Battle of", filterredir=False):
each_title = each_page.title(withNamespace=False).encode("utf-8")
title_match =
if not title_match:
print_log("Somehow {} didn't match.".format(each_title))
if not is_actual_battle(each_page):
print_log("{} isn't an actual battle.".format(each_title))
print_log("About to process {}.".format(each_title))
old_text = each_page.text
changes_made = process(each_page)
if old_text == each_page.text:
print_log("No changes made to {}.".format(each_title))
if not args.interactive or prompt.yn("({}) Save {}?".format(changes_made, each_title)):
num_edits += 1
print_log("%d edits made so far." % num_edits)
if args.limit and num_edits >= args.limit:
print_log("%d edits (limit) reached; done." % num_edits)
elif prompt.yn("Exit?"):
if __name__ == "__main__":