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import argparse
import re
import pywikibot
import pywikibot.pagegenerators as pagegenerator
COMMENT = "[[Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/APersonBot 3|Bot]] fixing duplicated Teahouse invitations"
CATEGORY = "Category:Wikipedians who have received a Teahouse invitation through AfC"
CATEGORIES = (CATEGORY, "Category:Wikipedians who have received a Teahouse invitation")
WIKI = pywikibot.Site("en", "wikipedia")
# Load the template
with open("invite-template.txt", "r") as template_file:
INVITE_PATTERN = re.compile(
# Parse the arguments
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(prog="teahouse-invite",
description="Fix duplicated Teahouse invites.")
parser.add_argument("-p", "--page", type=str,
help="A specific page to process.")
args = parser.parse_args()
pages_scanned = 0
edits_made = 0
teahouse_img_pages = pywikibot.FilePage(WIKI, "File:WP teahouse logo 2.png").usingPages()
for page in teahouse_img_pages if not else [pywikibot.Page(WIKI,]:
if page.isRedirectPage():
page_text = page.get()
pages_scanned += 1
if (pages_scanned % 100) == 0:
print("Scanned %d pages." % pages_scanned)
if (pages_scanned % 1000) == 0:
print("Current page: %s; edits made: %d" % (page.title(withNamespace=True), edits_made))
# Fix page text
matches = INVITE_PATTERN.findall(page_text)
if (not matches) or (len(matches) == 1 and any(x in page_text for x in CATEGORIES)):
for match in matches[1:]:
page_text = page_text.replace(match[0], "")
# Add a maintenance category, if there isn't already one
if not any(x in page_text for x in CATEGORIES):
page_text = page_text.replace(matches[0][0], matches[0][0] + "\n\n[[" + CATEGORY + "]]")
def page_save_callback(_, exception):
# The "exception" argument is None if the edit was successful
if not exception:
edits_made = edits_made + 1
print("We've made %d edits." % edits_made), comment=COMMENT, callback=page_save_callback)
current_username = page.title(withNamespace=False)
print("Leaving off at '%s'" % current_username)