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Open source smart card software, with personalization tools and a PKCS#11 module. The "official" SVN trunk mirror

This branch is 4853 commits ahead, 5320 commits behind martinpaljak:master

pkcs15-init tool: fix for pin auth_type comparison

partial merge of pull request

Thanks to 'joelhockey'.
latest commit f382403ab9
@viktorTarasov viktorTarasov authored
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doc westcos-tool.1.xml: sort options alphabetically
etc MiniDriver: rename cardmod to minidriver in source.
m4 Assuan is not used.
solaris Thomas Uhle: modify Makefile so configure finds the include files
win32 OpenSC.msi: install opensc.dll into the 'tools' directory
.gitignore Changes to build scripts requires for Git transition
COPYING - changed license to LGPL
Makefile.mak Header file cleanup.
NEWS Release OpenSC 0.12.2
README Update documentation about about wiki and package content.
bootstrap Add --force to autoreconf Staging builds must include the new version for PreReleases.
svnignore Update svn:ignore


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