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#! /usr/bin/env coffee
fs = require "fs"
log = console.log
parser = require("sax").parser true
sax_reader = require("./sax_reader")
font_families_by_style_name = {}
export_date = null
reader = sax_reader.attach parser,
onopentag: (node, push_delegate) ->
throw "Need: <office:document> not <#{}>" unless is "office:document"
f_style = output_file "styles", "less"
onopentag: (node, push_delegate) ->
when "office:meta"
do_office_meta push_delegate
when "office:font-face-decls"
do_font_face_decls push_delegate
when "office:styles", "office:automatic-styles"
do_styles f_style, push_delegate
when "office:body"
do_body push_delegate
push_delegate {} # skip subtree
do_office_meta = (push_delegate) ->
onopentag: (node, push_delegate) ->
if is "dc:date"
ontext: (text) ->
export_date = text
do_font_face_decls = (push_delegate) ->
onopentag: (node, push_delegate) ->
if is "style:font-face"
nas = node.attributes
font_families_by_style_name[nas["style:name"]] = nas["svg:font-family"]
do_styles = (f_style, push_delegate) ->
onopentag: (node, push_delegate) ->
if is "style:style"
style_name = node.attributes["style:name"]
onenter: (node) ->
f_style.write_line ".#{style_name} {"
parent_style_name = node.attributes["style:parent-style-name"]
f_style.write_line " .#{parent_style_name};" if parent_style_name
onleave: ->
f_style.write_line "}\n"
onopentag: (node) ->
for n,v of node.attributes
m = n.match /^fo:(.*)/
f_style.write_line " #{m[1]}: #{v};" if m
font_family = font_families_by_style_name[v]
f_style.write_line " font-family: #{font_family};" if n is "style:font-name"
do_body = (push_delegate) ->
f_text = output_file "text"
f_note = output_file "notes"
f_contents = output_file "contents"
f_bookmarks = output_file "bookmarks"
make_body_delegate = (f) ->
html_tags_by_name =
"text:p": "div"
"text:h": "div"
"text:span": "span"
header_i = 0
collected_texts: []
ontext: (text) ->
f.write text
@collected_texts.push text
onopentag: (node, push_delegate) ->
tag_name = html_tags_by_name[]
if tag_name
css_classes = [node.attributes["text:style-name"]]
if is "text:h"
header_name = "header_#{header_i}"
css_level_class = "CONV-level-#{node.attributes["text:outline-level"]}"
css_classes.push "CONV-header"
css_classes.push css_level_class
header_delegate = make_body_delegate f
header_delegate.onleave = ->
item = ""
item += "<div"
item += " class='CONV-content-tile #{css_level_class}'>"
item += "<A href='text.html\##{header_name}' target='text'>"
item += @collected_texts.join ''
item += "</A></div>"
f_contents.write_line item
push_delegate header_delegate
style_name = node.attributes["text:style-name"]
tag = ""
tag += "\n" unless tag_name is "span" # Only allow extra ws around block element tags, else browser shows it
tag += "<#{tag_name}"
tag += " class='#{css_classes.join ' '}'" if css_classes.length
tag += ">"
f.write tag
if is "text:h"
f.write "<A name='#{header_name}'>"
else switch
when "text:note"
push_delegate make_note_delegate()
when "text:note-ref"
f_note.write "<A href='\##{node.attributes["text:ref-name"]}' class='CONV-note-reference'>"
push_delegate make_body_delegate(f_note)
when "text:bookmark-start"
bookmark_id = node.attributes["text:name"]
bookmark_name = "bookmark_#{bookmark_id}"
f_bookmarks.write "<div><A href='text.html\##{bookmark_name}' target='text' class='CONV-bookmark-ref'>#{bookmark_id}</A></div>"
f.write "<A name='#{bookmark_name}'></A>"
onclosetag: (name) ->
tag_name = html_tags_by_name[name]
if tag_name
if name is "text:h"
f.write "</A>"
f.write "</#{tag_name}>"
else switch name
when "text:note-ref"
f_note.write "</A>"
make_note_delegate = ->
ontext: (text) ->
text = text.trim()
f.write text for f in [f_text, f_note]
onopentag: (node, push_delegate) ->
note_id = @base_node.attributes['text:id']
when "text:note-citation"
f_text.write "<A href='notes.html\##{note_id}' target='notes' name='#{note_id}' class='CONV-note-reference'>"
f_note.write "\n<div class='CONV-note' name='note-#{note_id}'>\n"
f_note.write "<A href='text.html\##{note_id}' target='text' name='#{note_id}' class='CONV-note-identifier'>"
when "text:note-body"
push_delegate make_body_delegate(f_note)
onclosetag: (name) ->
switch name
when "text:note-citation"
f_text.write "</A>"
f_note.write "</A>"
when "text:note-body"
f_note.write "\n</div>\n"
do ->
outer_body_delegate = make_body_delegate(f_text)
outer_body_delegate.onenter = ->
for f in [f_text, f_note, f_contents, f_bookmarks]
f.write_line "<!DOCTYPE html>"
f.write_line "<HTML>"
f.write_line "<HEAD>"
f.write_line ' <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">'
f.write_line ' <link rel="stylesheet/less" type="text/css" href="styles.less">'
f.write_line ' <link rel="stylesheet/less" type="text/css" href="../custom.less">'
f.write_line ' <script src="../ext/less/less-1.2.2.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>'
f.write_line ' <script src="../js.js" type="text/javascript"></script>'
f.write_line "</HEAD>"
f.write_line "<BODY name='#{}' onclick='return handle(event)' onmouseover='return handle(event)' onmouseout='return handle(event)'>\n"
f.write_line "<div id='text-data' data-export-date='#{export_date}'></div>" if f is f_text
f.write_line "<DIV class='scroll-container'>"
f.write_line "<DIV class='scroll-content'>"
outer_body_delegate.onleave = ->
for f in [f_text, f_note, f_contents, f_bookmarks]
f.write_line "\n"
f.write_line "</DIV>"
f.write_line "</DIV>"
f.write_line "</BODY>"
f.write_line "</HTML>"
push_delegate outer_body_delegate
local_name = (name) ->
m = /.*:(.*)/.exec(name)
m? and m[1] or name
output_file = (name, extension='html') ->
out_path = "public/OUT/"
try fs.mkdirSync out_path
f = fs.openSync "#{out_path}/#{name}.#{extension}", "w+"
name : name
write : (s) -> fs.writeSync f, s
write_line : (s) -> fs.writeSync f, s + "\n"
log process.argv
xml_str = fs.readFileSync(process.argv[2])
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