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""" Defines the PlotGraphicsContext class.
from __future__ import with_statement
from kiva.svg import GraphicsContext
class SVGGraphicsContext(GraphicsContext):
""" A Kiva graphics context, which facilitates rendering plots and plot
components into an offscreen or memory buffer.
Its only real difference from a Kiva graphics context is that this
class correctly offsets the coordinate frame by (0.5, 0.5) and increases
the actual size of the image by 1 pixel in each dimension. When rendering
into on-screen windows through Enable, this transformation step is handled
by Enable.
# FIXME: Right now this does not resize correctly. (But you shouldn't
# resize your GC, anyway!)
def __init__(self, size_or_ary, dpi=72.0, *args, **kw):
scale = dpi / 72.0
if type(size_or_ary) in (list, tuple) and len(size_or_ary) == 2:
size_or_ary = (size_or_ary[0]*scale + 1, size_or_ary[1]*scale + 1)
super(SVGGraphicsContext, self).__init__(size_or_ary, *args, **kw)
self.translate_ctm(0.5, 0.5)
self.scale_ctm(scale, scale)
def render_component(self, component, container_coords=False):
""" Renders the given component.
component : Component
The component to be rendered.
container_coords : Boolean
Whether to use coordinates of the component's container
If *container_coords* is False, then the (0,0) coordinate of this
graphics context corresponds to the lower-left corner of the
component's **outer_bounds**. If *container_coords* is True, then the
method draws the component as it appears inside its container, i.e., it
treats (0,0) of the graphics context as the lower-left corner of the
container's outer bounds.
x, y = component.outer_position
if not container_coords:
x = -x
y = -y
with self:
self.translate_ctm(x, y)
component.draw(self, view_bounds=(0, 0, self.width(), self.height()))
def clip_to_rect(self, x, y, width, height):
""" Offsets the coordinate frame by (0.5, 0.5) and increases the actual
size of the image by 1 pixel in each dimension.
Overrides Kiva GraphicsContext.
GraphicsContext.clip_to_rect(self, x-0.5, y-0.5, width+1, height+1)
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