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#!/usr/bin/env python
""" Overlaid inset plots.
A modification of that shows the second plot as a subwindow
of the first. You can pan and zoom the second plot just like the first,
and you can move it around my right-click and dragging in the smaller plot.
# Major library imports
from numpy import linspace
from scipy.special import jn
# Enthought library imports
from enable.api import Component, ComponentEditor
from traits.api import HasTraits, Instance
from traitsui.api import Item, Group, View
# Chaco imports
from chaco.api import ArrayPlotData, OverlayPlotContainer, Plot
from import PanTool, ZoomTool, MoveTool
# # Create the Chaco plot.
def _create_plot_component():
# Create some x-y data series to plot
x = linspace(-2.0, 10.0, 100)
pd = ArrayPlotData(index = x)
for i in range(5):
pd.set_data("y" + str(i), jn(i,x))
# Create some line plots of some of the data
plot1 = Plot(pd)
plot1.plot(("index", "y0", "y1", "y2"), name="j_n, n<3", color="red")
plot1.plot(("index", "y3"), name="j_3", color="blue")
# Tweak some of the plot properties
plot1.title = "Inset Plot"
plot1.padding = 50
# Attach some tools to the plot
zoom = ZoomTool(component=plot1, tool_mode="box", always_on=False)
# Create a second scatter plot of one of the datasets, linking its
# range to the first plot
plot2 = Plot(pd, range2d=plot1.range2d, padding=50)
plot2.plot(('index', 'y3'), type="scatter", color="blue", marker="circle")
plot2.resizable = ""
plot2.bounds = [250, 250]
plot2.position = [550,150]
plot2.bgcolor = "white"
plot2.border_visible = True
plot2.unified_draw = True, drag_button="right"))
zoom = ZoomTool(component=plot2, tool_mode="box", always_on=False)
# Create a container and add our plots
container = OverlayPlotContainer()
return container
# Attributes to use for the plot view.
title="Inset plots"
# # Demo class that is used by the application.
class Demo(HasTraits):
plot = Instance(Component)
traits_view = View(
Item('plot', editor=ComponentEditor(size=size),
orientation = "vertical"),
resizable=True, title=title
def _plot_default(self):
return _create_plot_component()
demo = Demo()
if __name__ == "__main__":
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