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[Importing Kiva]

To import kiva, you need to get the constants (which includes pen styles,
cap styles, lines styles, etc.), the font stuff, and a backend.  You can
import these all together with a wildcard:

    from kiva import *

If you prefer to get the constants by themselves, you can also do a:

    import kiva

and this will allow you to refer to them as kiva.JOIN_MITER, kiva.CAP_ROUND,

If you don't wish to do a wildcard import, you can also just grab the
following by themselves:

    from kiva import Font, CompiledPath, GraphicsContext,
                               Canvas, CanvasWindow

This will auto-detect what backend is appropriate based on the OS platform,
available libraries, and the order of backends listed in the KIVA_WISHLIST
environment variable.  If this environment variable is not defined, then the
default ordering of backends is in

If you want to choose what backend gets used, you can do the following:

    from kiva.backend_<backend> import GraphicsContext, Canvas, CanvasWindow

<backend> is one of:
    image   - in-memory GraphicsContext, uses Agg to raster, can save out to any PIL format
    wx    - uses Agg to raster to a platform-dependent wx window
    wx_gl - uses Agg to raster into a platform-dependent wx.glcanvas
    gl    - uses OpenGL module to draw into a GL window
    mac   - calls Quartz drawing routines into an OS X window/GraphicsContext
    ps    - PostScript file output
    svg   - SVG file output
    pdf   - PDF file output (uses ReportLab)

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