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# Changes library path in object code (ELF and Mach-O).
import sys
import re
from os.path import abspath, join, islink, isfile, exists
verbose = False
# alt_replace_func is an optional function, which is applied to the
# replacement string (after the placeholders haven substituted)
alt_replace_func = None
# extensions which are assumed to belong to files which don't contain
# object code
NO_OBJ = ('.py', '.pyc', '.pyo', '.h', '.a', '.c', '.txt', '.html', '.xml',
'.png', '.jpg', '.gif')
'\xca\xfe\xba\xbe': 'MachO-universal',
'\xce\xfa\xed\xfe': 'MachO-i386',
'\xcf\xfa\xed\xfe': 'MachO-x86_64',
'\xfe\xed\xfa\xce': 'MachO-ppc',
'\xfe\xed\xfa\xcf': 'MachO-ppc64',
'\x7fELF': 'ELF',
# list of target direcories where shared object files are found
_targets = []
def get_object_type(path):
Return the object file type of the specified file (not link).
Otherwise, if the file is not an object file, returns None.
if path.endswith(NO_OBJ) or islink(path) or not isfile(path):
return None
fi = open(path, 'rb')
head =
return MAGIC.get(head)
def find_lib(fn):
for tgt in _targets:
dst = abspath(join(tgt, fn))
if exists(dst):
return dst
print "ERROR: library %r not found" % fn
return join('/ERROR/path/not/found', fn)
def macho_path_as_data(path, pad_to=4):
""" Encode a path as data for a MachO header.
Namely, this will encode the text according to the filesystem
encoding and zero-pad the result out to 4 bytes.
from egginst.macho.util import fsencoding
path = fsencoding(path) + b'\x00'
rem = len(path) % pad_to
if rem > 0:
path += b'\x00' * (pad_to - rem)
return path
def macho_add_rpath_to_header(header, rpath):
""" Add an LC_RPATH load command to a MachOHeader.
from egginst.macho import mach_o
from egginst.macho.ptypes import sizeof
if header.header.magic in (mach_o.MH_MAGIC, mach_o.MH_CIGAM):
pad_to = 4
pad_to = 8
data = macho_path_as_data(rpath, pad_to=pad_to)
header_size = sizeof(mach_o.load_command) + sizeof(mach_o.rpath_command)
command_size = header_size + len(data)
cmd = mach_o.rpath_command(header_size, _endian_=header.endian)
lc = mach_o.load_command(mach_o.LC_RPATH, command_size,
header.commands.append((lc, cmd, data))
header.header.ncmds += 1
def macho_delete_placehold(header):
""" Remove LC_RPATH commands that refer to /PLACEHOLD.
from egginst.macho import mach_o
to_delete = []
for lc, cmd, data in header.commands:
if lc.cmd == mach_o.LC_RPATH and data.startswith('/PLACEHOLD'):
to_delete.append((lc, cmd, data))
for l_c_d in to_delete:
header.header.ncmds -= 1
def macho_add_rpaths_to_file(filename, rpaths):
""" Add LC_RPATH load commands to all headers in a MachO file.
from egginst.macho import MachO
macho = MachO.MachO(filename)
for header in macho.headers:
for rpath in rpaths:
macho_add_rpath_to_header(header, rpath)
with open(filename, 'rb+') as f:
for header in macho.headers:
placehold_pat = re.compile(5 * '/PLACEHOLD' + '([^\0\\s]*)\0')
def fix_object_code(path):
tp = get_object_type(path)
if tp is None:
f = open(path, 'r+b')
data =
matches = list(placehold_pat.finditer(data))
if not matches:
if verbose:
print "Fixing placeholders in:", path
for m in matches:
rest =
while rest.startswith('/PLACEHOLD'):
rest = rest[10:]
if tp.startswith('MachO-') and rest.startswith('/'):
# deprecated: because we now use rpath on OSX as well
r = find_lib(rest[1:])
assert rest == '' or rest.startswith(':')
rpaths = list(_targets)
# extend the list with rpath which were already in the binary,
# if any
rpaths.extend(p for p in rest.split(':') if p)
r = ':'.join(rpaths)
if alt_replace_func is not None:
r = alt_replace_func(r)
padding = len( - len(r)
if padding < 1: # we need at least one null-character
raise Exception("placeholder %r too short" %
r += padding * '\0'
assert m.start() + len(r) == m.end()
def fix_files(egg):
Tries to fix the library path for all object files installed by the egg.
global _targets
prefixes = [egg.prefix] if egg.prefix != abspath(sys.prefix) else [sys.prefix]
_targets = []
for prefix in prefixes:
for line in egg.lines_from_arcname('EGG-INFO/inst/targets.dat'):
_targets.append(join(prefix, line))
_targets.append(join(prefix, 'lib'))
if verbose:
print 'Target directories:'
for tgt in _targets:
print ' %r' % tgt
for p in egg.files:
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