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import re
import sys
import subprocess
from os.path import isfile, join
from enpkg import Enpkg
class Launch(Enpkg):
def get_icon_path(self, egg):
""" return the absolute path of the icon file
the metadata 'app_icon_file' is the filename of the
icon (which is always located in the meta-data directory
info = self.find(egg)
if info and 'app_icon_file' in info:
path = join(info['meta_dir'], info['app_icon_file'])
return open(path, 'rb').read()
return None
def get_icon_data(self, egg):
""" return the binary content of the icon file, either from the
local file, or from the remote store when the egg is not installed
path = self.get_icon_path(egg)
if path is None:
# egg not installed, see if there is one in the store
info = self.remote.get_metadata(egg)
if 'app_icon_data' in info:
return info['app_icon_data'].decode('base64')
# egg is installed, so read the data from the file
return open(path, 'rb').read()
def launch_app(self, egg):
info = self.find(egg)
if 'app_cmd' in info:
cmd = info['app_cmd']
elif 'app_entry' in info:
cmd = [sys.executable, join(info['meta_dir'], '')]
raise Exception("Don't know what to launch for egg: %r" % egg)
if 'app_args' in info:
if sys.platform == 'win32':
subprocess.Popen(cmd, creationflags=DETACHED_FLAGS)
def registry_path_list(self, egg):
if not self.hook:
return []
info = self.find(egg)
pat = re.compile(r'([\w.]+)\s+([\w.]+)-(\d+)$')
result = []
for rs in ['%(name)s %(version)s-%(build)d' % info] + info['packages']:
m = pat.match(rs)
if not m:
print "Warning: not a full requirement: %r" % rs
d = self.find(m.expand(r'\1-\2-\3.egg'))
if not d:
print "Warning: cannot find install for: %r" % rs
path = join(d['meta_dir'], 'registry.txt')
if not isfile(path):
print "Warning: no registry file:", path
return result
if __name__ == '__main__':
from enpkg import create_joined_store
from plat import subdir
urls = ['' % subdir]
remote = create_joined_store(urls)
x = Launch(remote,
#prefixes=['/home/ischnell/jpm/Python-2.7', sys.prefix],
hook=1, verbose=1)
fn = 'test-1.0-1.egg'
x.install(fn)#, forceall=1)
for k, info in x.query(app=True):
print k
if info.get('installed'):
print '\t', x.get_icon(k)
print x.get_icon(fn)
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