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@mdickinson mdickinson released this Nov 19, 2019 · 6 commits to master since this release

Released: 2019-11-19

This is a minor feature release with a small handful of fixes, and a single
new feature to make the IPythonKernelPlugin easier to use for applications.


  • Add an option to allow the InternalIPKernel to initialise its kernel at
    kernel creation time. At some point in the future, this will become the
    default behaviour. (#227)


  • Replace a use of the deprecated adapts function with
    register_factory. (#234)
  • In the IPKernelApp, correctly restore the original state of* streams even if those streams didn't exist
    originally. (#232)
  • Remove duplicate copyright header from autogenerated version file. (#220)


  • Remove a print call from a unit test. (#240)
  • Add unit tests for the envisage.ui.single_project adapters. (#235)
  • Add unit tests to check that InternalIPKernel doesn't affect
    sys.path. (#233)
  • Fix the test suite not to write to the user's ~/.ipython directory.
  • Fix the test suite not to write to the user's ~/.enthought directory.
  • Remove an unused import and a useless tearDown method in the
    IPythonKernel tests. (#223)
  • Fix DeprecationWarnings from uses of long-deprecated TestCase
    methods. (#222)
  • Add test eggs for Python 3.8. (#214)


  • Rename changelog extension from .txt to .rst. (#238)
  • Update EDM version used in Travis CI and Appveyor. (#236)
  • Add mock to test dependencies on Python 2. (#229)
  • Fix status badges in README. (#216)
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