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To-do List TraitsUI Application

This is an example TraitsUI application providing a simple "to-do list". While complete, it doesn't provide any means of loading or saving data, and isn't intended for "real-world" use.


You can create an appropriate environment with the following EDM commands:

edm install -e todo-list traitsui pyqt
edm run -e todo-list pip install .

and you can switch into that environment with:

edm shell -e todo-list

If you prefer to use pip, you can install into an existing environment with:

pip install .[pyqt]


Once installed in an active environment, the application ise run via the todo-list command. Initial to-do items can be specified via one or more --todo commandline arguments, eg.:

todo-list --todo "first thing" --todo "second thing"

Design Notes

The application is built around the standard Model-View-ViewModel architecture. The model consists of two classes, one for each list item and one for the list as a whole, and is found in todo_list.model. The views and modelviews are found in the todo_list.view module, and match the model structure, having one view and one modelview each for the list items and list as a whole.

The main application entrypoint is in the module which does basic argument parsing to set up the model, and then calls configure_traits on the modelview.


This software is provided without warranty under the terms of the BSD license included in LICENSE.txt and may be redistributed only under the conditions described in the aforementioned license. The license is also available online at

Thanks for using Enthought open source!