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The icons are mostly derived work from other icons. As such they are
licensed accordingly to the original license:
Eclipse: Eclipse Public Licence see icon_LICENSE_Eclipse.txt
Nuvola: LGPL license as described in icon_LICENSE_Nuvola.txt
Crystal: LGPL license as described in icon_LICENSE_CP.txt
OOo: LGPL license as described in icon_LICENSE_OOo.txt
GV: Gael Varoquaux: BSD-licensed
Unless stated in this file, icons are work of enthought, and are released
under a 3 clause BSD-like license.
Files and original authors:
add.ico | GV
add_module.png | Crystal
add_scene.png | Crystal
add_source.png | Crystal
file.png | GV
filter.ico | Nuvola
module.ico | Crystal
modulemanager.ico | Crystal
scene.ico | Crystal
source.ico | Crystal
add_filter.png | Nuvola
add_module.png | Crystal
add_scene.png | Crystal
add_source.png | Crystal
add.ico | GV
help_action.png | GV
m2.png | GV
mv2.ico | GV
m2.png | GV
m2_about.jpg | GV
actor.png | Nuvola
camera.png | GV
coordinate.png | Crystal
filter.png | Nuvola
lookuptable.png | OOo
mapper.png | Crystal
polydata.png | Nuvola
property.png | Eclipse
reader.png | Crystal
renderer.png | Crystal
rendererwindowinteractor.png | Nuvola
rendererwindow.png | Crystal
source.png | OOo
texture.png | Eclipse
window.png | Eclipse
writer.png | GV
configure.png | Nuvola
fullscreen.png | GV
isometric.png | Nuvola
origin_glyph.png | Enthought
parallel.png | GV
save.png | Crystal
x-axis.png | Eclipse
y-axis.png | Eclipse
z-axis.png | Eclipse
scene.ico | Crystal
masonry.jpg | BSD-like license
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