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MISC: fix tab and docstring

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GaelVaroquaux committed Aug 9, 2012
1 parent c5a2a7e commit 5603ee0efcd42b6a01427bcb8a098dc4b5e1a026
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@@ -1393,12 +1393,15 @@ def triangular_mesh_source(x, y, z, triangles, **kwargs):
def open(filename, figure=None):
"""Open a supported data file given a filename. Returns the source
object if a suitable reader was found for the file.
+ If 'figure' is False, no view is opened, and the code does not need
+ GUI or openGL context.
if figure is None:
engine = tools.get_engine()
elif figure is False:
# Get a null engine that we can use.
- engine = get_null_engine()
+ engine = get_null_engine()
engine = engine_manager.find_figure_engine(figure)
engine.current_scene = figure

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