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Commits on Aug 20, 2008
  1. * Synced dependencies to versions that came out in ETS 3.0.0. While t…

    dpeterson authored
    …his won't automatically result in this being installed when someone installs ETS 3.0.0, it does mean that people can explicitly update Mayavi to this version and not have to grab the trunk of Traits, Envisage, etc.
  2. * Creating a branch to create a release compatible with ETS 3.0.0 rat…

    dpeterson authored
    …her than the versions currently in trunk.
  3. BUG: Logic error in implementation.

    prabhu authored
Commits on Aug 19, 2008
  1. Modified the sphinx-build system call in to include quot…

    dmartin authored
    …es around the source and output directory paths. This allows Sphinx to work with paths that have spaces.
  2. DOC: This originally said "white box", and someone reported seeing a …

    ccasey authored
    …black box. This may have just been a display bug, but I went ahead and made it more general just in case.
  3. * Version bump after tagging for release.

    dpeterson authored
  4. DOCS: updating mayavi docs.

    gvaroquaux authored
  5. DOC: Updating an example.

    ccasey authored
  6. Adding clarification to an example.

    ccasey authored
Commits on Aug 18, 2008
  1. Now html docs are cleaned out everytime a zip is being generated, as …

    ccasey authored
    …opposed to everytime html docs are being generated.
  2. BUG: [mlab] correct bug in MArraySource when the shape of the

    gvaroquaux authored
        input grid is not square. Add a test case.
Commits on Aug 17, 2008
  1. DOC: Addd keybindings for increase/decrease fonts

    gvaroquaux authored
Commits on Aug 16, 2008
  1. * Min version bump after release.

    dpeterson authored
  2. BUG: On the Mac wxPython's event.GetX, event.GetY return nonsense for

    prabhu authored
    the key events.  We work around the problem by getting the cached
    interactor position in this case (which is set on other events like
    mouse move, click etc.).
Commits on Aug 15, 2008
  1. DOC: Adding a comment

    ccasey authored
  2. TEST: Fixing a bug with the test suite where we were earlier skipping

    prabhu authored
    tests.  Turns out the problem is that test_tvtk_base reloads the
    tvtk_module.  This cases nosetests a lot of problems so we skip the
    reloading so other tests need not be skipped.
  3. NEW: Adding a fully tested data set manager that lets users

    prabhu authored
    add/remove/modify attribute arrays to a tvtk dataset.  This is fully
    tested and also does not influence any other code.  I just wanted this
    checked in before the release so the code is available for developers to
  4. FIX: The mechanism for checking to see if the mlab reference document…

    ccasey authored
    …ation needs to be regenerated has been moved from the class level to a method.
  5. Moved logo file so it will show up in output.

    swisher authored
  6. ENH: Added a more informative error message in case a user does not h…

    ccasey authored
    …ave envisagecore/plugins installed.
  7. DOC: Adding more useful error message in case users don't have proper…

    ccasey authored
    … GUI packages installed. This patch covers the following:
     * TraitsBackendWX/QT
     * wxPython/PyQT
     * VTK
  8. * Updating classifier for final release.

    dpeterson authored
Commits on Aug 14, 2008
  1. Removed install alias.

    ischnell authored
  2. [Mayavi] Should build the egg fine with bdist_egg. I did an ets develop,

    ischnell authored
    and replaved the Mayavi egg-link with the real egg (generated with bdist_egg)
    and the tests still were OK.
  3. Cleanup of old commented lines.

    gvaroquaux authored
  4. BUG: [mlab] Fix corner cases for the shape of arguments to surf, and add

    gvaroquaux authored
    BUG: [mlab] Add the forgotten scalars traits to mlab.quiver3d.
    BUG: [mlab] make warp_scale play well with extents.
    DOC: Add the wigner example to demonstrate extent, warp_scale and
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