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May 11, 2016


Pyface: Traits-capable Windowing Framework

The Pyface project contains a toolkit-independent GUI abstraction layer, which is used to support the "visualization" features of the Traits package. Thus, you can write code in terms of the Traits API (views, items, editors, etc.), and let Pyface and your selected toolkit and back-end take care of the details of displaying them.

The following GUI backends are supported:

  • PyQt 4 and 5
  • PySide2
  • wxPython 4 (experimental)


GUI backends are marked as optional dependencies of Pyface. Some features or infrastructures may also require additional dependencies.

To install with PySide2 dependencies:

$ pip install pyface[pyside2]

To install with PyQt5 dependencies:

$ pip install pyface[pyqt5]

To install with wxPython4 dependencies (experimental):

$ pip install pyface[wx]

To install with additional test dependencies:

$ pip install pyface[test]



Pyface depends on:

  • a GUI toolkit: one of PySide, PyQt or WxPython
  • Traits
  • Pygments for syntax highlighting in the Qt code editor widget.
  • some widgets may have additional optional dependencies.

Running the Test Suite

To run the test suite, you will need to install Git and EDM as well as have a Python environment which has install Click available. You can then follow the instructions in In particular:

> python test-all

will run tests in all supported environments automatically.

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