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"""Example of using a splash screen (and the use of pyface Timer)."""
from __future__ import print_function
import time
from pyface.timer.api import Timer
from pyface.api import GUI, ApplicationWindow, ImageResource, SplashScreen
from pyface.action.api import Action, MenuManager, MenuBarManager
from traits.api import Any, Int
splash_screen = SplashScreen(image=ImageResource('images/splash'))
class MainWindow(ApplicationWindow):
""" The main application window. """
# The pyface Timer.
my_timer = Any()
# Count each time the timer task executes.
counter = Int
def __init__(self, **traits):
""" Creates a new application window. """
# Base class constructor.
super(MainWindow, self).__init__(**traits)
# Add a menu bar.
self.menu_bar_manager = MenuBarManager(
Action(name='Start Timer', on_perform=self._start_timer),
Action(name='Stop Timer', on_perform=self._stop_timer),
Action(name='E&xit', on_perform=self.close),
name = '&File',
def _start_timer(self):
"""Called when the user selects "Start Timer" from the menu."""
if self.my_timer is None:
# First call, so create a Timer. It starts automatically.
self.my_timer = Timer(500, self._timer_task)
def _stop_timer(self):
"""Called when the user selecte "Stop Timer" from the menu."""
if self.my_timer is not None:
def _timer_task(self):
"""The method run periodically by the timer."""
self.counter += 1
print("counter = %d" % self.counter)
if __name__ == "__main__":
gui = GUI(splash_screen=splash_screen)
# Create and open the main window.
window = MainWindow()
# Simulate a busy window initialization.
# Start the GUI event loop!