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# Copyright (c) 2005-2015, Enthought, Inc.
# All rights reserved.
# This software is provided without warranty under the terms of the BSD
# license included in enthought/LICENSE.txt and may be redistributed only
# under the conditions described in the aforementioned license. The license
# is also available online at
# Thanks for using Enthought open source!
# Author: Enthought, Inc.
# Description: <Enthought pyface package component>
""" A log handler that emits records to a splash screen. """
# Standard library imports.
from logging import Handler
class SplashScreenLogHandler(Handler):
""" A log handler that displays log messages on a splash screen. """
def __init__(self, splash_screen):
""" Creates a new handler for a splash screen.
splash_screen : ISplashScreen instance
The splash screen being used to display the log messages
# Base class constructor.
super(SplashScreenLogHandler, self).__init__()
# The splash screen that we will display log messages on.
self._splash_screen = splash_screen
def emit(self, record):
""" Emits the log record's message to the splash screen.
record : logging record instance
The log record to be displayed.
self._splash_screen.text = unicode(record.getMessage()) + u'...'