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Copyright (C) 2011, Enthought Inc
Copyright (C) 2011, Patrick Henaff
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the license for more details.
include '../types.pxi'
from cython.operator cimport dereference as deref
from libcpp cimport bool
from quantlib.handle cimport shared_ptr
cimport _credit_default_swap as _cds
from quantlib.pricingengines cimport _pricing_engine as _pe
from quantlib.time cimport _calendar
from quantlib.pricingengines.engine cimport PricingEngine
from cimport Date
from quantlib.time.daycounter cimport DayCounter
from quantlib.time.schedule cimport Schedule
BUYER = _cds.Buyer
SELLER = _cds.Seller
cdef class CreditDefaultSwap:
"""Credit default swap
.. note::
This instrument currently assumes that the issuer did
not default until today's date.
if Settings.includeReferenceDateCashFlows()
is set to <tt>true</tt>, payments occurring at the
settlement date of the swap might be included in the
NPV and therefore affect the fair-spread
calculation. This might not be what you want.
cdef shared_ptr[_cds.CreditDefaultSwap]* _thisptr
cdef public bool has_pricing_engine
def __dealloc__(self):
if self._thisptr is not NULL:
del self._thisptr
self._thisptr = NULL
def __init__(self, int side, float notional, float spread, Schedule schedule,
int payment_convention,
DayCounter day_counter, bool settles_accrual=True,
bool pays_at_default_time=True,
Date protection_start=Date()):
""" CDS quoted as running-spread only
@param side Whether the protection is bought or sold.
@param notional Notional value
@param spread Running spread in fractional units.
@param schedule Coupon schedule.
@param paymentConvention Business-day convention for
payment-date adjustment.
@param dayCounter Day-count convention for accrual.
@param settlesAccrual Whether or not the accrued coupon is
due in the event of a default.
@param paysAtDefaultTime If set to true, any payments
triggered by a default event are
due at default time. If set to
false, they are due at the end of
the accrual period.
@param protectionStart The first date where a default
event will trigger the contract.
self._thisptr = new shared_ptr[_cds.CreditDefaultSwap](
new _cds.CreditDefaultSwap(
<_cds.Side>side, notional, spread, deref(schedule._thisptr),
deref(day_counter._thisptr), settles_accrual, pays_at_default_time,
def set_pricing_engine(self, PricingEngine engine):
'''Sets the pricing engine for the CDS. '''
cdef shared_ptr[_pe.PricingEngine] engine_ptr = \
self.has_pricing_engine = True
property net_present_value:
""" Option net present value. """
def __get__(self):
if self.has_pricing_engine:
return self._thisptr.get().NPV()
property fair_upfront:
""" Returns the upfront spread that, given the running spread
and the quoted recovery rate, will make the instrument
have an NPV of 0.
def __get__(self):
return self._thisptr.get().fairUpfront()
property fair_spread:
""" Returns the running spread that, given the quoted recovery
rate, will make the running-only CDS have an NPV of 0.
.. note::
This calculation does not take any upfront into account, even if
one was given.
def __get__(self):
return self._thisptr.get().fairSpread()
property default_leg_npv:
def __get__(self):
return self._thisptr.get().defaultLegNPV()
property coupon_leg_npv:
def __get__(self):
return self._thisptr.get().couponLegNPV()
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