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A limited subset of pywin32 re-implemented using ctypes (or cffi)
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README.rst Documentation Status

A reimplementation of pywin32 that is pure python. The default behaviour will try to use cffi (>= 1.3.0), if available, and fall back to using ctypes. Please note that there is no need to have a compiler available on installation or at runtime.



# Equivalent to 'import win32api' from pywin32.
from win32ctypes.pywin32 import win32api

win32api.LoadLibraryEx(sys.executable, 0, win32api.LOAD_LIBRARY_AS_DATAFILE)


Currently pywin32ctypes implements only a very small subset of pywin32, for internal needs at Enthought. We do welcome additional features and PRs, though.

Development setup

The following should be good enough:

pip install -r dev_requirements.txt
python install -e


  • While pywin32-ctypes should regularly be tested on windows, you can also develop/test on unix by using wine
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