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QtBinder thinly wraps Qt widgets with Traits.

The main goal of QtBinder is to provide a way to build Qt UIs with Traits models with an emphasis on transparency and flexibility. The core is the Binder class that automatically wraps a QObject and exposes its properties, signals, and slots as traits. Subclasses of a particular Binder can add traits and methods to customize the widget and expose useful patterns of communication between UI and model over the raw Qt API.

Binder widgets can be used inside a Traits UI View using a special Item called Bound. Binder widgets can be bound to model traits using binding expressions.

Getting Started

The documentation took me quite some time. Please take a look. The examples aren't much to look at right now, but give a flavor of what is going to be possible.

How Can I Help?

I'm glad you asked! Please take a look at what's here and see if it might solve some of your Traits UI pains. Transitioning off of Traits UI completely is a longer-term goal (see the docs), so just focus on the parts that are particularly painful.