TraitsUI: Traits-capable windowing framework
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TraitsUI: Traits-capable windowing framework

The TraitsUI project contains a toolkit-independent GUI abstraction layer, which is used to support the "visualization" features of the Traits package. Thus, you can write model in terms of the Traits API and specify a GUI in terms of the primitives supplied by TraitsUI (views, items, editors, etc.), and let TraitsUI and your selected toolkit and back-end take care of the details of displaying them.

The following GUI backends are supported:

  • wxPython
  • PyQt
  • PySide

Warning: In TraitsUI version 5.0 the default GUI backend will change from wx to qt4.


Given a Traits model like the following:

from traits.api import HasTraits, Str, Range, Enum

class Person(HasTraits):

    name = Str('Jane Doe')

    age = Range(low=0)

    gender = Enum('female', 'male')

person = Person(age=30)

we can use TraitsUI to specify a and display a GUI view:

from traitsui.api import Item, RangeEditor, View

person_view = View(
    Item('age', editor=RangeEditor(mode='spinner')),
    buttons=['OK', 'Cancel'],


which creates a GUI which looks like this:


If you want to run traitsui, you must also install: