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Displaying a list of objects in notebook tabs
A list of objects can be displayed in a tabbed notebook, one object per tab.
This example also shows how the currently active notebook tab of a ListEditor
can be controlled using the ListEditor's 'selected' trait.
Note the interaction between the spinner control (for the 'index' trait) and
the currently selected notebook tab. Try changing the spinner value, then try
clicking on various notebook tabs.
Finally, note that the ListEditor will automatically scroll the tabs to make
the selected tab completely visible.
# The following text was removed from the module docstring (only works in wx):
# Also note that rearranging the notebook tabs (using drag and drop) does not
# affect the correspondence between the index value and its associated notebook
# tab. The correspondence is determined by the contents of the 'people' trait,
# and not by the physical layout of the notebook tabs.
from traits.api import HasStrictTraits, Str, Int, Regex, List, Instance, Range
from traitsui.api import View, VGroup, Item, ListEditor
#-- Person Class ---------------------------------------------------------
class Person(HasStrictTraits):
# Trait definitions:
name = Str
age = Int
phone = Regex(value='000-0000', regex='\d\d\d[-]\d\d\d\d')
# Traits view definition:
traits_view = View('name', 'age', 'phone',
buttons=['OK', 'Cancel'])
#-- Sample Data ----------------------------------------------------------
people = [
Person(name='Dave Chomsky', age=39, phone='555-1212'),
Person(name='Mike Wakowski', age=28, phone='555-3526'),
Person(name='Joe Higginbotham', age=34, phone='555-6943'),
Person(name='Tom Derringer', age=22, phone='555-7586'),
Person(name='Dick Van Der Hooten', age=63, phone='555-3895'),
Person(name='Harry McCallum', age=46, phone='555-3285'),
Person(name='Sally Johnson', age=43, phone='555-8797'),
Person(name='Fields Timberlawn', age=31, phone='555-3547')
#-- ListEditorNotebookSelectionDemo Class --------------------------------
class ListEditorNotebookSelectionDemo(HasStrictTraits):
#-- Trait Definitions ----------------------------------------------------
# List of people:
people = List(Person)
# The currently selected person:
selected = Instance(Person)
# The index of the currently selected person:
index = Range(0, 7, mode='spinner')
#-- Traits View Definitions ----------------------------------------------
traits_view = View(
id='traitsui.demo.Traits UI Demo.Advanced.'
#-- Trait Event Handlers -------------------------------------------------
def _selected_changed(self, selected):
self.index = self.people.index(selected)
def _index_changed(self, index):
self.selected = self.people[index]
#-- Set Up The Demo ------------------------------------------------------
demo = ListEditorNotebookSelectionDemo(people=people)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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