general purpose tcp proxy server / port forwarder
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general purpose tcp proxy / port forwarder

This is an async general purpose tcp proxy / port forwarder This listens on a local port and transports data back and forth multiple gateways. If one gateway is not online, we use the next. Tested on linux and windows.

upnet - upstream network
 tunnels all TCP connections
 established to the listen port
 to every gateway specified

 -g:host    gateway hostname, allowed multiple times!
 -l:port    listening port
 -x:key     XORs the payload with key
              (only entry and exit node needs key)
 --sync     Queries the gateways in order, one after another
 --async    [DEFAULT] Queries the gateways in parallel and use the fastest

 # listens on port 1337 and tunnel TCP
 # back and forth service.myhost.loc:8080
 upnet -l:1337 -g:service.myhost.loc:8080

 # Sync strictly try the gateways in order
 upnet -l:1337 --sync -g:service.myhost.loc:8080 -g: