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React Native + React-Navigation + Relay Modern

This is a sample repository that shows how to integrate React Native with ReactNavigation and Relay Modern.

For the Relay-Classic Version see this branch

It is connecting to this boilerplate code graphql-dataloader-boilerplate

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  • data/ contains schema(.json/.graphql) of your GraphQL server. It will be used by Relay to compile your graphql queries to code
  • yarn relay or yarn relay:watch are used to convert graphql literals into generated files. The second command watch changes when data/ files are updated

.babelrc for Relay Modern

  "plugins": [
    ["relay", {"schema": "data/schema.json"}]

Relay Environment

The file src/createRelayEnvironment.js creates a Relay Environment and a Network instance that configures Relay with a function to fetch queries from the remote server

ReactNavigation + Relay Modern

  1. You should use a Relay Container such as FragmentContainer, PaginationContainer or others in any component that will be pushed into a StackNavigation