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Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil (PS2) Stuff

Klonoa 2 tools, docs, and other stuff.

This repository uses Kaitai Struct to parse binary formats. To test and compile them to Python, use the Kaitai Web IDE or download the compiler.

  • Pre-compiled parsers are provided in this repository.

Reverse Engineering To-Do List

  • KLDATA.BIN Archive Extraction
    • The current method "sniffs" for offsets to check if a file is an archive/folder, which can be seen in the __is_archive function in This will most likely be replaced with a proper hierarchy scanner in the future.
  • Models
    • Mesh
    • Textures
      • Klonoa's model requires a manual texture fix when extracted, but other than that, it works 95% of the time
    • UVs
      • UVs are nearly perfect when using glTF files in Blender because it supports nearest mipmapping. Using .obj files or linear mipmapping causes noticable bleeding in some models.
    • Rig/Bones
    • Animations
  • Visions (Stages)
    • Layout/Geometry
    • Textures
    • Animations (.vtipu/.ipu files)
    • ...basically everything else
  • Sounds
    • Voice Files (PPT)
    • Music (BGM)
      • QuickBMS can do this
    • Sound Effects (Soundbanks)

File types

File type names are arbitrary unless it is a standard PS2 format.

  • klf[abxyz]: Model data
    • klfa: Animation data (keyframes, translations, rotations, name [8 bytes])
    • klfb: Bone/joint data (local positions, global/world positions, parent joints)
    • klfx: Mesh data (vertices, normals, UVs, weights, joint influences, indices, mesh parts)
    • klfy: Texture data (pixels, palettes)
    • klfz: Morph data (target, vertices, normals)
  • klname: Model name (3 bytes)
  • hd: PS2 soundbank header
  • bd: PS2 soundbank data
  • vtipu: Similar to PS2 .ipu (movie) file, used for stuff like water animations
  • gim: Texture data
  • ppt: Cutscene voice stored as Playstation 4-bit ADPCM (mono, 22050 Hz, 16bps)
  • kl0: 16 bytes of 0x00
  • klnull: Starts with null string, 16 bytes long
  • klpad: 4 bytes of 0xFF, 12 bytes of 0x00


Klonoa 2 tools, docs, and other stuff






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