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# Called by module 'brain'.
# Gets subscribes from subscribers_src_file ('My Subscribers.txt') and randomly sorts them into
# 168 lists of equal length, contained in files in directory '168-user-lists'
import os, random, re
fileIndices = []
# run
def run(subscribers_src_file, subscribers_dst_dir, ignore_first_line):
if os.path.exists(subscribers_src_file):
global files
# get input and output files
subscribers = open(subscribers_src_file, 'r')
files = _getArrayOfFiles(subscribers_dst_dir)
if ignore_first_line: subscribers.readline()
# loop through lines of input file
for line in subscribers:
for file in files:
# Returns a random file index 0-167.
# Ensures that each index is issued an equal number of times.
# When fileIndices is empty, fills it with range(0,167)
def _getRand():
global fileIndices
if len(fileIndices) == 0:
fileIndices = random.sample(xrange(168), 168)
return fileIndices.pop()
# Takes a line of text (from subscribers_src_file), extracts email, writes line to destination file
def _handleSubscriber(line):
idx = _getRand()
match = re.match('[^\t]+', line)
email =
if len(email) > 1:
# Returns array of 168 open file objects
def _getArrayOfFiles(directory):
files = []
for i in range(0, 168):
fpath = "%s/%d.txt" % (directory, i)
files.append(open(fpath, 'w'))
return files