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import os, sys, datetime
from lxml import etree
import _config, interfaces.ss_views, interfaces.blast, interfaces.connection
def test_index():
global results
results = index(14205017)
print len(results)
def get_blast_ids(fname_sans_ext):
fpath = "%s/%s.csv" % (_config.BLAST_IDS_DIR, fname_sans_ext)
f = open(fpath)
ids =',')
return ids
# Returns [[id, [<Element view>, <Element view>,...]],...]
def get_views_from_api(blast_ids):
results = [] # list of tuples: (blast_id, views); 'views' is list of instances of interfaces/connect.Element
for id in blast_ids:
if len(id) > 0:
print id,
response = interfaces.ss_views.index(id)
if response.status == 200:
tree = etree.fromstring(
views = tuple(interfaces.ss_views.View(x) for x in tree.xpath('//view'))
results.append([id, views])
return results
# Get day and time of each blast
# Expects list [lxml obj]
def parse_results(results):
outputs = []
for r in results:
first = r[0]
id = int(r[0])
views = r[1] if type(r[1]) in (int,str) else len(r[1])
print 'Getting blast #%d' % id
resp =
if resp.status == 200:
tree = etree.fromstring(
timestamp = tree.xpath('//scheduled-for')[0].text
dt = datetime.datetime.strptime(timestamp, '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ')
output = id, dt, views
print >> sys.stderr, 'Error requesting Blast #%d' % int(r[0])
return outputs
# 'results' is list of tuple (blast-id, [view, view...])
def log_results(results, fname_sans_ext):
fpath = "%s/%s-views.txt" % (_config.ANALYSIS_DIR, fname_sans_ext)
f = open(fpath, 'w')
for r in results:
print r[0],
blast = interfaces.blast.Response.forId(r[0])
views = len(r[1])
print >> f,, blast.datetime().strftime("%a %I:%M%p"), views
if __name__ == '__main__':
# move to this dir, open error log
sys.stderr = open(_config.ERRLOG_ANALYZE, 'w')
fname = raw_input('blast_ids csv filename (no path, no ext)?: ')
print 'getting ids from file...'
ids = get_blast_ids(fname)
print 'getting views from api...'
views_list = get_views_from_api(ids)
views_list.sort(key=lambda x: -len(x[1]))
print '%d results' % len(views_list)
print 'logging top results...'
log_results(views_list, fname)
print 'Completed.'