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In application debugger for ARM Cortex microcontrollers.
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The Black Magic Debug Project -- README

The Black Magic Debug Probe is gadget providing an in-application
debug capability for ARM Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M0 microcontrollers.  It
interfaces with the GDB, the GNU source level debugger over the USB
bus, and communicates with the target microcontroller over either a
JTAG or Serial Wire debug port.

Currently supported microcontrollers:

 - ST STM32 Family
 - TI/LMI Stellaris Family
 - NXP LPC11xx Family

Getting started
The Black Magic Probe is available as a built-up product form Black
Sphere Technologies.  Contact <> should
you wish to order one.  If you would like to work on the project see
the file HACKING for developer's info.

When connected via USB, the Black Magic probe will enumerate as a CDC-ACM
device which the OS should present as a tty device or serial port.  The
GDB remote debugging protocol is implemented over this virtual character
stream.  To connect your ARM GDB to the target device use the following

(gdb) target extended-remote /dev/ttyACM0
(gdb) mon jtag_scan
(gdb) attach 1

The command 'mon swdp_scan' may be used to use the Serial-Wire Debug Protocol
instead of JTAG to connect to the target.

Once attached, all the standard GDB commands may be used to start and control
the execution of the embedded application.

The peripheral registers are not included in the memory map provided to GDB.
I suggest you add the command "set mem inaccessible-by-default off' to
your '.gdbinit'.  That will allow you to access addresses outside of
the memory map.  It will treat anything outside of the memory map as

Project layout
flashstub/ - Source code for flash programming stubs in target drivers.
hardware/ - Schematic (gschem) and PCB layout for the Black Magic Probe
scripts/ - Python scripts useful for programming devices.
src/ - Firmware source code for the Black Magic debug probe.

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