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# This is an example source file for a TipToi file, showing the text-to-speech
# feature
# You write your yaml file as usual, and include a language field.
product-id: 42
welcome: hello
language: en
- $mode==1? P(mode_one)
- $mode==2? P(mode_two)
- $mode==3? P(mode_three)
# But instead of manually creating files hello.ogg, mode_one.ogg and
# mode_two.ogg, you can specify text to be spoken for them.
hello: "Hello!"
mode_one: "We are in mode one."
mode_two: "We are in mode two."
mode_three: "We are in mode three, where I have a little bit more to talk about."
# tttool will write the synthesized files to disk, so that the next execution
# of "tttool assemble" will be quick.
# You can mix synthesized and normal files; if there is no entry in the speak
# section, tttool will look for an ogg file as normal.
# See text2speech-multi-lang.yaml for how to mix several languages in the text
# to speech mode.