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Here you can find information on how to sucessfully print OIDs along with a hardware compatibility list.

Tips and tricks

  • print in 1200dpi if possible, sometimes 600dpi seem to work, too
  • play around with the quality settings, resolution, contrast (particularly graphics/image/text quality optimization settings can have a big impact)
  • use different paper
  • try black-and-white versus color prints
  • try to lighten up your picture
  • make sure that you print at without re-scaling the images (i.e. at 100% scale).
  • A good starting point to test whether the problem is your handling of the oid images generated by tttool or the printer itself is to print the test PDF from Ravensburger. If the test PDF does not work with any combination of print driver settings, it is likely that your printer simply cannot handle the fine patterns of the oid codes.
  • avoid too much structure under the OIDs
  • print background and OIDs in two passes, first the background, then the OIDs
  • try bigger dots in your OID graphics
  • avoid any zooming
  • try doubling OID dot size for 600dpi. This can be done by specifying tttool --dpi 600 oid-code or tttool --dpi 1200 oid-code. Alternatively (for example for existing PNG files) you can use this small shell script for achieving this using ImageMagick (by Sven Scholz) (save as This will overlay 3 further layers of the OID each shifted by one pixel (one layer right, one down, and one down+right):

# Usage: ./ oid-<nn>.png
# -> produces oid-<nn>-composite.png
while [ $# -gt 0 ];do
   echo $FILE: $OUTPUT
   convert $FILE $FILE -geometry +1+0 -composite $FILE -geometry +1+1 \
      -composite $FILE -geometry +0+1 -composite $OUTPUT

Success stories


  • Brother DCP-7030 as a network printer (CUPS)
    • Moderate Success with HQ 1200 mode (The HQ 1200 option uses resolution enhancement to achieve a 1'200dpi-like print)
    • Recognition success dropped after changing toner cassette
  • Brother HL-2135W (USB / Windows 7)
    • Parameters --dpi 600 --pixel-size 2 worked perfectly printed on foil to enhance a non-tiptoi product.
  • Brother MFC-9340CDW as network printer from Mac OS X or Windows 7
    • Success with 600 dpi and doubled pixel size (tttool --dpi 600 oid-code), printed with Gimp. In Gimp set the resolution manually to 600 dpi for printing. Disable centering. Align picture to the bottom and left. Other alignments may cause the image to be scaled.
    • Works on white background and fully saturated red/blue/green backgrounds at least.
    • 1200 dpi (neither plain nor doubled) did not work.
    • No success printing with Mac OS X Preview. I was unable to set the scaling so that it was printed unscaled at 600 dpi, always resulting in distortion which destroyed the OID patterns.
  • Brother MFC-L2700DW b/w laser as a network printer (Mac OS X with brother drivers)
    • This is a relatively affordable (~170 EUR) consumer grade laser printer which seems to work out of the box:
    • 1200 dpi patterns created with default settings in tttool work on white background
    • best/most reproducible results were obtained with --dpi 1200 and --pixel-size 3 on white background (and only on white background)
    • PNGs were printed from Preview with 100% scaling
    • Relevant printer driver settings:
      • Resolution: 1200 dpi HQ
      • Graphics quality: Graphics
      • All other settings default
  • Brother MFC-L2740DW b/w laser as network printer (Windows or Linux with brother drivers)
    • Success:
      • Resolution 1200 dpi HQ
      • Graphics quality: Graphics
      • all image enhancement features disabled
      • no scaling
  • Brother MFC-L2700DW (network printer, macOS, Brother driver (CUPS))
    • 1200 dpi created with default tttool settings
    • printed from Preview with 100% scaling
    • tested on white background
    • Relevant printer driver settings:
      • Resolution: HQ 1200
      • Graphics quality: Text (Graphics did not work for me)
      • Improve Print Output: Improve Toner Fixing (marginally better ?)
  • Brother MFC-L2700DW - Success
  • Brother DCP-585CW - Fail


  • Canon LBP 1760(e) b/w PCL 5e on Windows 7x64

    • Resolution 1200 dpi , raster
    • all image enhancement/eco features disabled
    • GIMP 2.8
  • Canon LBP 5050N on Windows 10x64

    • Success:
      • OID mit tttool --dpi 1200 --pixel-size 2 --code-dim 100 oid-code
      • GIMP 2.8 A5 1200dpi
        • Export als Bitmap
        • Export als PDF
      • Bitmap druck über IrVanView
      • PDF druck über PDF-Exchange-Viewer
        • Glättungsfunktionen ausgeschaltet


  • Epson Home XP 322 on Windows 7
    • Success: 600 dpi OID, printed with 'extra fine' settings
    • seems to be the first ink-jet printer with reported success


  • HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M476dw PCL 6
    • Success with High Quality Print Setting (test pdf-page form OIDProducer with sonix 1.5G 600dpi)
    • Very well recognised by the pen (some more codes than 4x4 was recognized
    • Pattern is "visible" with naked eye
  • HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw (600 dpi printer)
    • Somewhat works with 2x2 pixels after fiddling with the settings but does not work with printing over an image
    • Works great with 4x4 pixels, but they make the image darker
    • Printed two passes (first color, then OID in black and white)
  • HP Laserjet 1200 on Ubuntu 14.04
    • Success: using eog (Driver HP LaserJet 1200 pcl3, hpcups 3.14.3). Scale picture in printer settings to 100x100mm and set Quality to 'best'
    • Success: using gimp
  • HP Laserjet 4050 (600dpi) on Windows10, Windows7, Vista, Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 14.04
    • Success: Using original HP-Toner, made Problems with cheap Replacement-Toner (drivers like recognized from operating system as network printer)
  • HP LaserJet 4250, black and white, 600 dpi, Linux Debian Jessie with CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.10
  • HP Laserjet 5
    • Success on Windows 7 with HP driver Printer Settings: 600x600dpi; Enhanced Print Functions ON; Print Optimizer ON; Economy-Mode OFF; REt ON;
  • HP Laserjet 5000N (600dpi) on Linux Ubuntu 14.04
    • No success when trying with various different settings, PDF printing, Gimp Gutenprint, ...
  • HP Laserjet 5500DN (600dpi) on Windows10, Windows7, Vista
    • Success after using the HP Laserjet 5i driver (black only printer)
    • No success at all with the detected original driver, nor HP Universal Printing PCL 6 or PCL 5 drivers
    • still trying from Ubuntu Graphic-Mode HP-GL/2 Gimp-Settings: Picture-Settings x&y-Resolution 600dpi; Ignore Page magins
  • HP LaserJet CP 1025nw
    • No success yet with pdf
    • Success with kompass example from make magazine with 600dpi (tttool --dpi 600 oid-code) on Mac and Linux with gimp, quality setting best (normal for linux), no centering, oid over images works ok (not over dark parts)
  • HP Laserjet P1005
    • Ubuntu 14.04: HPLIP(3.15.11) did not seem to work (neither PDF nor GIMP)
    • HP Windows Driver worked fine (600 or 1200 DPI, both produced acceptable results), GIMP was used for printing
  • HP DeskJet 3630
    • No success
    • Very rarely works with new "player" TipToi. No at all with the old TipToi.
    • Tried different --dpi and --pixel-size without any improvement
  • HP Photosmart 8050
    • Succcess
    • HP Windows Driver for Windows 7
    • 1200x1200 dpi printed with gimp or openoffice writer embedded image
  • HP Color Laserjet 1600 (600 dpi printer)
    • Linux with CUPS, foo2hp driver
    • No success with 2x2 pixel PNG images, very poor detection with 4x4 images
    • Success with SVG vector images that are converted to PDF with rsvg-convert.


  • Kyocera 4551ci
    • Success: using gimp, (600 dpi)
    • bei Bildbearbeitung im Druckersetup "Text schwarz drucken" und "Grautöne mit schwarzen Toner drucken" anhaken


  • Ricoh Afiko MP C4502
  • Success:
    • OID mit tttool --dpi 1200 --pixel-size 2 --code-dim 100 oid-code
    • GIMP 2.8 A5 1200dpi
      • druck direkt über GIMP
    • Druckqualität Standrd: Auflösung 600 x 600 dpi
    • Druckqualität Erweit.: Allen Text schwarz drucken


  • Samsung CLP-670 Series PS

    • Success: using gimp, even printing colours and the patterns in one go.
  • Samsung SCX-4500

  • Samsung M2020 - Xpress 2026W

    • Success:
      • Qualität: Hohe Auflösung
      • Schriftart/Text: Maximal und Haken bei "Gesamten Text schwarz drucken"
      • Kantenhervorhebung: Aktiviert
      • Papierart: Archiv --> Da dies recht dunkel wird, lege ich via Photoshop immer eine weiße Ebene über den Code
      • Habe ein farbiges Bild mit meinem Tintenstrahldrucker (Brother DCP-585CW - Der kann die Kodierung übrigens nicht drucken) gedruckt.
      • Das Ergebnis hat überzeugt: Selbst in recht dunklen Bereichen hat der Stift (der neue mit Player) einwandfrei funktioniert.
      • Druckeinstellungen gibt es hier als Download:
    • Success2 (OS X):
      • Codegenerierung: oid-code [OIDnr] --dpi 1200 --code-dim [Breitemm]x[Höhemm] --pixel-size 3
      • Qualität: Hohe Auflösung, Toner-Sparbetrieb: AUS, Kantenhervorhebung: Maximal
      • Stufen: Helligkeit:50, Kontrast:50 (beliebig)
      • Papier: Normalpapier (beliebig)
      • Außerdem drehe ich den Code in der Indesign-Bildbox um 13°, weil so ein leichtes Moiré verhindert wird.
      • Die Codes werden etwa so dunkel gedruckt, wie ein 30%iges herkömmliches Raster
  • Samsung ML 1640

    • Success:
      • Qualität: Beste
      • Schriftart/Text: Haken bei "Gesamten Text schwarz drucken" (optional)
      • Toner-Sparbetrieb: Aus
      • Helligkeit: Dunkel
      • Farbbilder kamen aus einem Epson Expression Home XP-445(kann die OID nicht drucken). Normalpapier und Photopapier als Grundlage und danach die OID über den ML 1640 gedruckt. Farbbilder habe ich nicht weiter bearbeitet. Selbst in dunklen Bereichen hat es gut funktioniert mit dem neuen Stift mit Player.
    • No Success:
      • mit "Samsung Universal Print Driver"
  • Samsung Xpress SL-M2835DW

    • Success
      • Ravensburger 00700 (tiptoi v2)

      • macOS 10.12.6, using ttmp32gme v 0.22 , printing with Firefox 58.0 (Chromium 62.03 did not work)

      • tttool --dpi 1200 --pixel-size 3 --code-dim 24 oid-code 2065

      • Driver:

        • M283x Series Print Driver for Mac OS V1.03.00
        • Easy Printer Manager V1.03.38
      • Quality settings (Easy Printer Manager):

        • Eco mode = Off
        • Resolution = Standard
        • Clear Text = Minimum
        • Print density = 0
  • Samsung CLX-3180

    • Success:
      • Printed with GIMP for Windows
      • Driver: Samsung CLX-3180 Series Class Driver (Windows)
      • Worked for 600DPI and 1200DPI
      • Color-Settings: Black & White


  • Sharp MX-3610N
    • Success on windows 7 prof with original Sharp Network driver


  • Xerox WorkCentre (7xxx model)

    • Success with High Quality Print Setting (assume it's 1200 dpi)
    • Very well recognised by the pen
    • Pattern is "visible" with naked eye
  • Xerox WorkCentre 6515

    • Success:
      • High quality setting
      • PDF did not work (output scaled)
      • PS uploaded to printer via browser worked
      • Patterns well recognised by the pen