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The change in entropy is equal to the heat transfer divided by the temperature. ∂S = ∂Q/T


ds reads its config from a toml file in ~/.entropicrc. The format looks like this:


token="my-auth-token here"

token=" here"


Implement new commands as files in lib/commands/. Commands implemented as of this start at documentation:

  • login: log into the selected registry, generating and storing an auth token
  • whoami: respond with the name of the authenticated user
  • publish: publish a new package-version, creating a package as a side effect if necessary
  • download: fetch & insert into cache the content blobs for the named package-version
  • invite: invite [name] --to pkg/namespace invites the namespace to join the maintainers list
  • invitations: list all your open invitations
  • join: accept an invitation to join a namespace or maintain a package
  • decline: decline an invitation to join a namespace or package maintainers list
  • members: show members of a namespace OR list all maintainers of a package

Commands that should exist:

  • help: usage help
  • create: create a new package, meta-info only
  • about: or 'info' or 'view'; describe a package
  • install: probably this would be handy
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