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Migrate to mobility v2 API for bike stations

* Upgraded @entur/sdk package to 4.2.0

* Changed bikeStations hook to use mobilityV2 api

* Migrated from type BikeRentalStation to Station..
* Part of the migration to use mobility v2 api to fetch bike rental stations
* The new API returns data of the type Station, with different properties

* Implemented getTranslation utility function
* .. to be used with objects of the TranslatedString type from entur/sdk
* enables easier language-change if future translations are added to the API

Fixed render loop in useEffect

* Fixed missing bike-tile
* Refactored useEffect into smaller responsibilities

Changed implementation to use custom useBikeRentalStations hook in EditTab

migrating to new bike rental stations in BikeSearch
* Migrating to fetch from mobility API v2 in BikeSearch
* Type migration BikeRentalStation -> Station

* Refactor: Renamed exported component in StopPlaceSearch to match filename

* added argument removeHiddenStations which may be set to false to enable usability for EditTab where hidden stations is needed in toggle-list

Fix: Disabled ability to add duplicate stations
* Fixed conditionless adding of bike rental station added through search field. Now checks if ID is already stored in settings.newStations

* Refactor: Cleanup useEffects using AbortController
* Changed cleanups in useEffects (in EditTab/*) to use AbortController instead of primitive boolean variable

* Fixed defaults when missing station name in EditTab/
* Default to empty string ''
* Sorting station names defaults to putting stations with missing name last

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Tavla ("The Board") is a customizable departure board for all public transport in Norway. Personalize it from its admin panel, which requires no technical skills.

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Licenses and Terms

  • The source code is licensed under EUPL-1.2.
  • The Nationale fonts are licensed separately. You can get a license at
  • All Entur trademark assets are to be used only by Entur (logo, illustrations and images).
  • Attribution must be given to Entur Tavla when hosting your own fork/clone, and it must be visible from the dashboard pages. A link to must be included.