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Embulk plugin for pcapng Files input (obsoletes embulk-plugin-input-pcapng-files)
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Pcapng Files input plugin for Embulk

embulk plugin for pcapng files input.

Obsoletes enukane/embulk-plugin-input-pcapng-files


  • Plugin type: input
  • Load all or nothing: yes
  • Resume supported: no


Original options

name type required? default description
paths array required [] paths where pcapng files exist (no recursive searching
convertdot string optional nil convert "." in field name (for outputing into DB who doesn't accept "dot" in schema)
use_basename bool optional false use basename (w/o ext) as "path" value
schema array of field hash required nil list of field to extract from pcapng file
field hash hash ({name, type}) required nil "name" matches field name for tshakr (-e), "type" should be "long", "double", "string", "timestamp"


  type: pcapng_files
  paths: [ /Users/enukane/Desktop/emtestpcap/ ]
  convertdot: "__"
  threads: 2
    - { name: frame.number,                 type: long }
    - { name: frame.time_epoch,             type: timestamp }
    - { name: frame.len,                    type: long }
    - { name: wlan_mgt.ssid,                type: string }


$ rake
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