Xamarin.Forms example of how to use SkiaSharp to pan and scroll a large image with a fixed size View
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This repository holds an example of the best way I've been able to come up with to handle panning a drawing/graphic rendered with SkiaSharp. It takes from the Xamarin example of applying custom TouchEffects for Finger Painting and applies it to a 2D surface for panning.

Using this method allows you to scroll through larger charts/graphics or even handle pannig on a "zoomed in" image.


How it works


In the Xamarin.Forms project we implement the custom TouchEffects example as described over at the Xamarin documentation (link)

<views:SKCanvasView x:Name="canvasChart" HorizontalOptions="FillAndExpand" VerticalOptions="FillAndExpand" EnableTouchEvents="true" PaintSurface="Handle_PaintSurface">
        <e:TouchEffect TouchAction="Handle_TouchAction" Capture="true" />

Deltas are calculated by comparing the touch points between "Moved" touch events. This allows us to continue aggregation of the total X/Y delta during the move. We then apply this delta to all elements painted to the surface thus giving us the "panning" effect

void Handle_TouchAction(object sender, TouchActionEventArgs args)
        //First touch, just mark the location
        if (args.Type == TouchActionType.Pressed)
            _previousTouchPoint = args.Location;
        //User is dragging/moving the chart
        if (args.Type == TouchActionType.Moved)
            //Calculate Deltas in the drag
            var _touchYDelta = (float)Math.Round((_previousTouchPoint.Y - args.Location.Y) * 2, 0);
            var _touchXDelta = (float)Math.Round((_previousTouchPoint.X - args.Location.X) * 2, 0);
            //Re-Draw the Chart
            if (_touchYDelta >= 1 || _touchYDelta <= -1 || _touchXDelta >= 1 || _touchXDelta <= 1)
                _YDelta -= _touchYDelta;
                _XDelta -= _touchXDelta;
                _previousTouchPoint = args.Location;


For the Xamarin.iOS bit, we simply implement the custom TouchEffect as outlined in the Xamarin documentation.


  • You need to have the EnableTouchEvents set to TRUE on the SkiaSharp Canvas in order for the Touch Effects to be invoked.

  • Other Xamarin.Forms controls that make use of "Moved' Touch Effects can interfere with this and cause the drag to be interrupted. An example being the slide out action for a MasterDetail menu. To fix this, you would need to set IsGestureEnabled to FALSE on the MasterDetail page.

  • A good general rule of thumb when working with Touch Actions and Gestures is to keep track on a page which gestures are used where in order to make sure multiple controls are not going to be conflicting with one another.


Example of Panning