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jquery-popunder is a jquery-plugin to create popunders in major browsers.


Popunders are popups which are opened in the background of a browser-window. This script will only work, if the popunder is opened on a user-generated event (e.g. click or submit).

For examples, take a look at the index.html.

The recommended usage is the 4th example: a function to build the url-stack. So you leave the event-handling to the plugin. To add some flexibility to the function, the plugin will pass the initial event to the function - from which you may access e.g. DOM-data of the activated DOM-element.


All of the options are optional!.

    "cookie": "__puc",     The cookie-name (optional, used for blocking a popunder)
    "name": "__pu",        The window-name (optional)
    "blocktime": false,    The time to block popunder, in minutes
    "window": {
        "height": ..       The width of the popunder
        "width": ..        The height of the popunder
        ..: ..             more window.open-parameters ..
    "skip": {              UA-Patterns to skip
        "opera": true
    "cb": null             Callback, after a popunder has been opened (if a function)


jquery-popunder was tested with:

  • Mozilla Firefox 3-22
  • Google Chrome 10-28
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6-10
  • Apple Safari 5

Known Issues

  • attention: the window-properties are currently not working in google chrome 28+
  • the script does not work with the Opera-Browser, so the opera-browser is disable by default
  • the script does not work in Firefox under Gnome
  • in Firefox, when the setting: 'Open new windows in a new tab instead' is deactivated

Legacy Notes

  • You could create only 2 popunder in Chrome 22-24
  • In Chrome 23-24 you'll need a separate event for the popunder-effect (@see the examples!)


Just copy the dist/jquery.popunder.min.js file into your project or use bower:

bower install jquery-popunder

or add it to your compontent.json.


The dependencies can be installed using bower

bower update

When you're not using jquery, you could use the dist/popunder.min.js, which includes a stripped version of jquery. Mind, that there is no real selector-engine included, which limits element-selection in oldie to #ids.