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example rails 3 app using backbone.js, coffeescript and mongoDB

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This is an example rails 3 app built with backbone.js, coffeescript and mongoDB (using mongoid)

Help and Info

To follow the development of this app, follow us on Twitter:

If you need any projects built using this stack feel free to contact us at


  1. Ruby 1.9.2
  2. Rails 3
  3. Coffeescript 1.0
  4. mongoDB (any recent stable version should work, we use 1.8)

Using rvm is recommended

Project layout

The most interesting part of the project exists inside the app/coffeescripts folder. Its broken down into 4 main parts

  1. lib - javascript library files to use through out the application
  2. Controllers dir - this is where our backbone controllers live
  3. Model dir - this is where backbone models and collections are defined
  4. Views - backbone views (widgets)
  5. templates - handlebar.js templates to be used by our backbone views
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